Instead of Killing Stray Dogs, the Authorities Should Build Animal Shelters. They Are Homeless Animals, Not Wild !


Instead of killing stray dogs, the authorities should build animal shelters

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Regards Mark

In relation to my stray animal campaigning work in the Balkans, I have always argued that current money spent killing strays should instead be put into NO KILL sterilisation and vaccination / health check issues for all strays By sterilisation, over a period of short time, you will see stray numbers REDUCING, not increasing.

Rounding up and killing strays is a very good but very ineffective way for authorities to present the image to0 the public of them ‘doing something’; when in fact they are killing and killing, but not seriously addressing the real issue as it should be addressed.

Strays are homeless animals, NOT wild animals !


Further update – above I talk about work for stray animals in the Balkans.

In 2005 I founded ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV) and with the support of some Serbian activists, we took on the Serbian government on the issue of stray animal management.

I am giving a link to the old SAV site which I have now closed down but which is still around for archive review purposes.  With  this past, I feel confident that I am in a position to add my voice to positives for stray animal protection and numbers reduction through No Kill sterilisation.

Also below I am showing a few photographs from the site which shows how strays are abused and mistreated by the Serbian authorities.  On the (archive) left of the site, you can gain access to all the work that we attempted in defending the rights of stray animals in

I hope you find it interesting;

Stray animals are homeless, and in need of help; they are not wild animals !

Regards Mark


About Serbian animals – About Serbian Animals. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Photographs from Serbia:

Above and below – strays are rounded up for killing by ‘Shinter’ (dogcatcher) teams

Above – Dogs captured and to be ‘taken away’ for slaughter, rather than ‘No kill sterilisation’ as we campaigned for.

Below – If you do not want to attract strays to ‘your patch’, then you do not leave your refuse dumps in this condition !

and that includes also dead pigs which are just dumped near the highway;

Images – SAV (Mark)

Article link (SAV):

I am a homeless stray, I live any way I can to survive; I need proper help but ………………………………………

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