Germany: pathological hypocrites of politics


BERLIN taz.magazin | Animal rights activists have urged the Greens to remain tough in the fight against sows that are too narrow. “There must be no wobbling of the Greens,” said the President of the German Animal Welfare Association Thomas Schröder on Monday at the taz.magazin

banane rep deutschlandpg

The head of the largest animal welfare association in Germany demands that the ten state governments with green ministers in the Bundesrat must prevent the “box stands” that have been banned but widespread from being legalized for decades.

“The Greens have always claimed that they are also the animal protection party. Now it’s your responsibility. Now they have to deliver, ”added Jasmin Zöllmer, consultant at the ProVieh organization. From Friday to Monday afternoon, around 370,000 people signed an online appeal from the Campact and Foodwatch to the Greens to “end the martyrdom of millions of sows now”.

FerkelMinister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner


Federal Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) wants to delete the most disregarded regulation, which says that the animals must be able to stretch their legs when lying down, and after a transition period of up to 17 years (!!!), the crate stands are to be slightly larger.
The times of the animals the times of the animals in it in the birth cycle should be reduced from several weeks to 12 days.

Like the animal rights activists, the Foodwatch consumer organization also demands that crates be abolished immediately. “A farmer who has a crate will use it as he sees it economically necessary, because there is no one who will control how long the animals will be in there,” said Matthias Wolfschmidt, International Campaign Director of Foodwatch , the taz.magazin. Due to a lack of staff, the veterinary offices would seldom check every farm.

schweine kasten mit ferkel-PETA-D

Green leaders want to compromise

The federal chairmen of the Greens, Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, wrote Foodwatch: “We Greens want to say goodbye to the crate.” But since the party does not rule alone in the countries, it must find a compromise (!!!)
The Greens wanted the rule that the sows should be able to stretch their legs while lying down. A transition period of 15 to 17 years is “clearly too long”. The fixation could be reduced to 5 days.

Schönes Foto mit Schwein und Ferkel

The 1.8 million sows in Germany are usually kept for months in metal racks that are only about the size of the pig. It cannot turn around and only lie down slowly. This has the advantage that the young animals are not easily crushed. In addition, the crate stall makes it easier for staff to keep track of which sow is already inseminated. The metal frame also saves space, because more freedom of movement is required outside the cage.

Deutshe Schweine in Zellenpg

Animal rights activists criticize that the crates often caused ulcers in the shoulder and hip area. It is cruelty to animals to keep the sows out of contact with their counterparts and without opportunities to walk around, to live out their drive to explore or to wallow. If sows had enough space, not much more piglets would be crushed without a crate.

schweinekasten Fabrik

The Higher Administrative Court of Saxony-Anhalt therefore requested in 2015 that the crate be either at least as wide as the standing pig or that it must be possible to put the limbs in neighboring empty cages without disabilities. The Federal Administrative Court upheld the verdict from Saxony-Anhalt in 2016.
This has been disregarded in German companies for years!

Box stands with a width of 65 cm (young sows) or 70 cm (sows) and a length of 200 cm are currently common practice, although narrower box stands can also be widespread in regional businesses.

On request, Klöckner’s ministry informed the taz.magazin that the draft regulation would significantly improve animal welfare. After all, the fixing times would be shortened considerably and the box stands would be enlarged.
Shorter transition periods would “not be feasible, especially for small companies, without confronting them with unsolvable financial difficulties,” said the ministry.
“It is important to keep production in Germany and to avoid further structural breaks – because only in Germany do we have concrete options for influencing husbandry conditions and thus animal welfare (!!!)”

Schwein mit verwesten FerkelnnThat is what we mean by “animal welfare”…!5666524/


And I mean…The main responsible for the painful animal husbandry, are the animal torment industries, their political lobbies like the hypocrites and opportunists Greens for example, and their clients, that’s us!
Farm animals in captivity in a confined space are not punished. Otherwise there would be no cheap meat and cheap milk products in bulk in all possible discounters.

Animals are fattened, have no run, pigs cannot wallow themselves, cows are raped, after a short life farm animals are slaughtered, animals suffer and cannot escape, etc. etc.
All of this is legal, all with deliberate political support and thanks to the corrupt politicians who work hand in hand with the meat mafia it will be not punished.
When will the animal murder factories be closed? When will the humiliating and illegal pigs be abolished?

Countries in Africa (and other countries around the world where people are starving) would be happy if 90-98% of the world’s soybean harvest, 50% of the world’s grain harvest, and around 40% of the animals stolen from the sea in the 900,000,000 (Germany) / 85,000,000,000 (worldwide) would not be fed to the animals of the factory farms, but would be made available to them as food!

It always goes on, on, on. The petitions against castes are in full swing, the votes are reaching the millions, and the factories are getting bigger.

We signed 1.5 million votes for the abolition of the pig boxes.
This was obviously a great help to the career of some EU officials.


My best regards to all, Venus

2 thoughts on “Germany: pathological hypocrites of politics”

  1. O, yes. German authorities showing that they are descendants of Hitler, and they have no problem with the transitions lasting 17 years, even if it is need 27 , or 57 , 107, and more, since theirs has lasted much more. They are as merciless as their ancestors. The offspring are no different than their ancestors. They are a Shame of humanity. We will never forget your victims.
    Sig Heil !
    But we will change Humanity: we will be all vegans! and you will be just a bad old memory, together with Hitler, Staljin,animal farmers, butchers , hunters and rest criminals.


  2. That is Facism.Fascism has deep, strong roots in world politics, especially in Germany. There is no difference between ancestors and offspring, just as effectively they carry out animal holokaust. Especially in Germany.As in countries that are former colonizers, but also others that follow in their footsteps.In one sentence: Mankind is the only evil on the planet, and politicians are its leaders.


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