what is extreme?

Anonymous for the Voiceless


anonymous o

Non-vegans pay for throat slitting, executions, gas chambers, rape, slavery, and being ground up alive, yet those same people will claim that simply NOT contributing to these acts of violence is somehow extreme.

How in the world can not viciously murdering someone be considered extreme, but actually viciously murdering someone is perfectly normal and sane?

In what version of the real world does this make any remote logical or morally consistent sense other than in some sort of Twilight Zone?

📷 Tras los Muros – Aitor Garmendia


And I mean…We are destroying the habitat from billions of wild animals because we need space for billions of “useful” animals to eat them.
We keep them as slaves and pump them full of antibiotics so that they get sick.

Then we eat these sick animals and as a result we also get sick.
Then we kill millions of experimental animals in the same barbaric way to develop medicines for diseases that we won’t have had (mostly) if we did not eat animals.

This is the perverse and absurd cycle of exploitation, who owes its existence to billions of meat eaters.
But the only honest argument of all carnivores, why they eat meat is that they give a shit about animal suffering.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “what is extreme?”

  1. Genotype of each species show all. The genotype of homo sapiens sapiens states that it is a vegan species, feline is carnivore, cow , horses , goats are herbivores canine and pig are omnivore animal species, some fish and birds are carnivores , some fish and some birds are omnivores, some are gramnivores, etc.This is written in the genome of each species.We just need to read it.


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