England (London): Some Londoners Left Baffled as ‘Parade’ of 30 Horses Spotted On Battersea Street – No Problem; King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery Just Changing Route To Give The Horses A Break !

Battersea horses

WAV Comment – It always rains in London ! – Giving the horses a change of scenery – away from Hyde Park.  Certainly better than all the cars and other traffic clogging the streets.  VERY well looked after animals – mucked out 3 or 4 times every day I think when in the London barracks.


All the Royal Horse Art, dropings and urine soaked straw is collected from the barracks each day and taken by truck to the royal botanic gardens at Kew (West London); where it is made into compost for the gardens as explained: – there is a famous saying at Kew where all the horse dung in the ‘windrow’ reaches a very high temperature (spontaneous combustion) and the London fire brigade sometimes get a call from Kew asking them if they can come over and put all the poo out ! (with some water to lower the temperature). RHA Horse poo – great compost = great plants at Kew gardens.


Residents in South London street were left puzzled this weekend after a ‘parade’ of 30 horses were seen casually walking past their street. The animals were seen on Friday (February 4th) on an early walk in the rain, filing past houses in pairs, the were captured by one curious resident who shared a post on Reddit

“Anyone know why there’s a parade of horses marching round Battersea?” the user asked. A flurry of comments on the social media platform followed with many users quick to offer suggestions as to what the horse might be doing.

One said: “It is the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment taking their horses out for exercise. They do this once a week to get them away from Hyde park. “I once saw the entire line going through the McDonald’s drive through at the Wandsworth Roundabout.”

Another had a different theory as to why they seem to have ventured further from home. “I’m guessing they’re related to the Household Cavalry that are based in central London. They’re often seen around the Hyde Park neck of the woods but perhaps they fancied a change of scenery?”

A third said it was routine exercise for the animals: “This is the Kings troop – usually based in Woolwich but also have stables in St James and exercise around central.”

While a fourth agreed that the animals were from the royal cavalry but disagreed on their regiment.

“It’s King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery. The Household Cavalry have black horses and would be wearing blue or red silks, depending on regiment (Blues & Royals or Life Guards). They’d also only lead 1 horse, not two like in this video.

“However they look like the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery – who may be rehearsing for the ceremonial events this year for the jubilee.

Others were distracted by something else, and instead more interested in the house from where the pictures were taken. One person said,

“I don’t know anything about the horses but can I just say I often walk past your flats and envy the people who live there, they’re absolutely gorgeous

While another added: “I was going to mention this too, I’ve walked past them since childhood and it’s always been a dream of mine to live there.”

Regards Mark


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