India: ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ February Videos.

WAV Comment: We communicate with Erika almost every week and are always more than pleased to watch some of the latest monthly rescues which get sent through to us. The dedication of the team is amazing, so please give them your support if you are able – donation links are given below.

Little Adoo is amazing – watch the video and see how this little guy was saved just in time and brought back from the edge of death.

Regards Mark

Dear Mark,

Animals bring out our best in so many ways. Those of us who are shy around people, may chatter with delight to an animal. We might be upset, but one look into the eyes of a dog and our bad mood melts away.Feeling a little anxious or sad? Meet Tulip in the video below.

Tulip wasn’t an old lady after all!

At first you might think this dog is an elderly frail old lady, but she is a puppy who was suffering from advanced mange and starvation.

To our amazement she greeted her rescuers with the trust and affection of someone not defeated, but with a strong will to live. We hurried her into treatment, knowing that in this desperate condition, her immune system was very weak and at any moment she could take a turn for the worse. Her innocent eyes peered up at her caregivers with so much hope from the first moments. And thankfully, her appetite was strong and she dove right in.

We named her Tulip and watched with joy as day by day her health improved and a playful puppy emerged.

Help struggling little buds to flower. Please donate today!

When we warmed Adoo up, he turned into a bright little star!

If we couldn’t warm up little Adoo quickly he was going to die from the cold.

Somehow he had gotten wet, and his body went into hypothermia–a life-threatening condition that affects the heart and other organs. We rushed him to our hospital and placed him in a nest of hot water bottles and blankets and started him on warm IV fluids. But all we could do was wait to see if his little body would respond to the external warmth.

By the next morning, we met a new little guy–his eyes were sparkling and he even ate on his own before going back to his mama.

Warm a little soul through rescue and medical care. Donate today

Balveer’s will to live was even bigger than his wound…

One of the most difficult cases we’ve treated, this quiet dog had a wound filled not only with maggots, but a resistant bacteria that continued to cause damage.

We were alarmed that even once we had removed the maggots and cleaned the wound, it continued to grow larger by the day.Even before the wound responded to the antibiotics, this boy had unusually gentle perseverance. He kept very still throughout his weeks of daily wound dressings. He seemed to be waiting patiently for his body to heal. It was incredible to see that as his wound shrank, his happiness rose to the surface.

Meet Balveer today! Trying can mean everything. Please donate today!

A Valentine of Animal Rescue…

Every purchase helps save someone Beautiful!

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Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim, and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.




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