The “Jackass Forever” film and the abused animals.

The film Jackass Forever will be released in German cinemas on March 17, 2022. The trailer already shows that animals were exploited and tortured for the film.
PETA USA is now taking action against the filmmakers.

Rather than dropping scenes in which a bull was urged to attack, a sensitive snake provoked to the point of attack, and an easily frightened tarantula was forced into a closed tube between the heads of two screaming humans, the final cut of the film features even more animal cruelties Watch Stunts.

Now we’re calling on PETA to conduct a criminal investigation into the making of the film and we’re asking moviegoers to boycott Jackass Forever.
Animals aren’t actors – they didn’t consent to these horrific stunts, and they shouldn’t be used for our entertainment.

Were California animal welfare laws broken for Jackass forever?

The Jackass Forever trailer shows Johnny Knoxville being attacked by a bull and Sean McInerney being bitten on the nose by a snake.
Also, a tarantula sits in a plastic tube between the heads of Ehren McGhehey and Compston Wilson.
The film — and with it those scenes of apparent animal abuse — was reportedly shot in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo counties.

However, California prohibits bullfights and similar displays in which animals must fight against humans, and has a law prohibiting cruelty to animals.
The production of the exploitative scenes appears to have violated California law, in PETA’s view.
In September 2021, PETA asked the Los Angeles City and County Attorneys’ Offices to investigate the case.

“Jackass’s stunts are brutal and tasteless.
But when people choose to do it voluntarily and inflict their wounds on themselves, that’s one thing.
But if animals are exploited, harassed and harmed, then that is something completely different – namely animal cruelty.”
Igrid Newkirk, Chair of PETA

PETA USA calls for criminal investigation

PETA has previously asked the Jackass Forever production crew to remove animal stunts from the film.
However, after a screening of Jackass Forever, it is now clear that even more animal abuse occurred for the shoot, such as a stunt where Knoxville and Steve-O got honey bees to sting Steve-O’s penis, killing many of the bees .

In another scene, a scorpion is placed near Rachel Wolfson’s mouth and repeatedly hit by Eric André until the animal stings.
That is why the animal rights organization is again calling for criminal investigations into the film production.

In its letters to the Los Angeles County and San Luis Obispo County Attorneys’ Offices, PETA urges that legal action be taken against anyone involved in the filming of animal cruelty scenes for Jackass Forever.

If the authorities investigated Jackass Forever and held those responsible for breaking the law accountable, it would also serve as a reminder to the rest of the film industry that animal abuse is never okay.

Johnny Knoxville has decided to step into the ring and take part in a dangerous stunt.
But the bull exploited for the film does not voluntarily take part in the scene.

Never go to movies that involved animals. If you see animals on TV, please tell the broadcaster and the production company that you oppose the use of animals in show business, or contact us.

Animals are not for our entertainment!

And I mean…There is no justification for forcing animals to suffer for our entertainment or profit.
No animal ever performs voluntarily.

For use in film and television, animals are regularly forced to obey by force and made docile to perform senseless and alien tricks.
For use in film and television, the animals are regularly forced to perform senseless tricks.
They are often beaten or given electric shocks by the trainers if they disobey.

Animals used in films or in advertising have been uprooted from their natural habitat.
Many are taken from their mothers shortly after birth.
When the animals get older or are no longer of use to their trainers for other reasons, they are often given to zoos or other animal parks where they have to live in captivity for the rest of their lives.

The Animal Welfare Act in Germany regulates the handling of animals for entertainment purposes, and so there is a requirement under Paragraph 3 Section 6 that “It is prohibited to use an animal in a filming, display, advertisement or similar event, if this involves pain, suffering or harm to the animal.”
Filming with animals is therefore subject to approval in Germany.

But a film shoot using real animals can quickly become problematic and often tormenting for animals.
Because what exactly “pain, suffering or damage to the animal” means is not clearly defined, and is usually not checked by the responsible veterinarians on site, but by production people.

It is high time to stop seeing animals as objects for every use.

My best regards to all, Venus

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