Wales: ‘A Cows Life’. BBC Investigate Abuses On Dairy Farm. Industry Calls It ‘Sensationalism’. Watch For Yourselves and Decide.

WAV Comment: ‘Panorama’ is an investigative programme which is undertaken by the BBC, and therefore has credibility.  Last night it did an investigation into the dairy industry, which included disturbing footage from a Welsh dairy farm.

It has caused a lot of feedback from the British public today, as well as comments from the dairy industry claiming that the film was ‘sensationalist’.  It showed life on a dairy farm and the suffering of cows involved in the dairy industry.

See some clips from the film below and decide for yourself if it is ‘sensationalistic’; to us  it is simple cruelty to animals – full stop.

Angry UK customers have taken to social media to boycott the dairy industry following a BBC Panorama documentary exposing cruelty to animals.

The documentary, A Cows Life, which aired on BBC One on Valentine’s Day, saw reporters speaking to vets and farmers about the “controversial” way the milk is flowing.

The report comes as the average daily yield for a dairy cow is 40% higher than it would have been about 30 years ago. However, in the documentary, a Welsh farm was exposed for animal abuse against its cows, resulting in a dairy boycott.

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Footage shows farmers who worked at the facility constantly kicking and hitting an injured cow, with one even hitting it with a shovel. The footage continues to show another worker aggressively pulling the cow’s tail.

People have taken to social media to express their anger with the industry, with some even saying the price of milk is “too low” after seeing what cows go through.

National Farmers Union (NFU) Cyrmru deputy president Abi Reader said in the documentary: “Even just one extra penny per litre will enable a farmer to upgrade or take advantage of new technology out there so the cows are getting the best care they can”.

As a result, one social media user said: “Ditch dairy even if you can’t find good substitutes.”

Another added: “I had to turn #acowslife off. It was too distressing. What is wrong with people that they can be so cruel to defenceless animals? How can humans be so cold and brutal. #Panorama”

Others urged to “stop drinking milk” following the “shocking footage of animal cruelty”.

Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan also tweeted: “Just watched #ACowsLife the true cost of milk on #panorama anyone who wants to understand why the dairy industry is disgusting, inhumane & careless should watch it.”

Shoppers ditch dairy following ‘distressing’ BBC Panorama documentary – Grocery Gazette – Latest Grocery Industry News

The Independent

Farmers beat cows with spades in disturbing BBC Panorama episode

Kate Gill

Tue, 15 February 2022, 1:18 pm·1-min read

BBC Panorama documentary exposes the distressing cruelty animals’ are suffering on a South Wales dairy farm.

The documentary, A Cows Life, which aired on BBC One yesterday (February 14) saw reporters explore the “controversial” ways of the milk industry.

In the documentary, a Welsh farm was exposed for animal abuse against its cows, resulting in a dairy boycott.

Disturbing footage captures farmers who worked at the facility kicking and hitting an injured cow with shovels on its front and sides.

Another clip captures a worker aggressively pulling the cow’s tail.

Dairy farmers slam BBC for ‘sensationalist’ Panorama show – FarmingUK News

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