UK: Vegan Ad Shown On National Television For First Time 14/2/22.

Link – see the ad here:

UK: You Have Done It ! – Money Raised To Show Viva Vegan Advert on UK Television. – World Animals Voice

14/2/22 – As many of you will know, donors from the animal rights movement, and others, have been donating money to get a vegan advert put on British television.  Click on the above link to watch the ad.

Well last night (4/22) we saw the ad go live onto British television at 8-30pm (UK time); half way through the Jamie Oliver programme on food and cooking; so it was an excellent time to air the ad, especially as lots and lots of people tune in to watch the programme – Jamie O is one of the UK’s top chefs and his programme is watched by millions.

Over the next couple of weeks, the ad will be shown around 220 times across the Channel 4 network on channels including Channel 4, Dave, E4 and HGTV

Other top TV spots include:

  • Countdown – 16 Feb, 14:56:00 (Channel 4)
  • First Dates – 17 Feb, 22:10:00 (Channel 4)
  • DEADPOOL – 18 Feb, 22:45:00 (E4)
  • Come Dine with Me – 21 Feb, 17:45:00 (Channel 4)
  • Celebrity Gogglebox 23 Feb, 22:35:00 (E4)
  • Rick and Morty – 24 Feb, 01:31:00 (E4)
  • Steph’s Packed Lunch – 28 Feb, 13:15:00 (Channel 4)

The complete schedule can be found here.

Please be aware that, due to the dynamic nature of TV scheduling, these spots and times are subject to change at short notice. To keep up to date with the latest schedule please visit our website.

Getting the message across loud and clear;

Regards Mark

Animals are NOT JUST MEAT

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