Ultimatum to Munich’s chief conductor Gergiev: distance himself from Putin – or dismissal

More and more Russian artists are coming under pressure in the West because of the “Russian invasion” of Ukraine.
Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter has asked the chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, Valeri Gergiev, to distance himself from “ruler Putin”.
Otherwise he will be fired (!!!)

Valery Gergiev during a performance at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow on May 2, 2021

Munich’s Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter has asked the chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, Valeri Gergiev, to distance himself from the so-called Russian invasion of Ukraine.
This is reported by the Bayerischer Rundfunk. Otherwise, the chief conductor is threatened with dismissal, according to the mayor.
Reiter literally:

“I made my position clear to Valery Gergiev and asked him to also clearly and unequivocally distance himself from the brutal war of aggression that Putin is waging against Ukraine and now especially against our twin city of Kiev.”
“If Valery Gergiev has not clearly positioned himself here by Monday, he can no longer remain chief conductor of our Philharmonic.”

In a letter addressed to Gergiev, Reiter was “stunned” by the “barbaric act of the Russian ruler Putin, who is pursuing his nationalist goals with all brutality and without regard to human life” (!!!)
He expects Gergiev to send a clear signal to the city leaders, the public, the musicians of the Munich Philharmonic and their audience by Monday, February 28th.

“Otherwise we will have to end the contractual relationship as chief conductor.”(!!!)

The 68-year-old Gergiev has been chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, a city orchestra, since 2015.
The musician from the Caucasus is considered one of the world’s most famous conductors.

In addition to directing the Russian prestigious Mariinsky Theatre, which he has held for decades, he also regularly conducts some of the largest and most well-known orchestras in the world.
Gergiev is under contract in Munich until 2025.
He conducts 30 to 40 concerts a year.

Now the star conductor is again threatened with a work ban in the West. For example, he will not perform as planned with the Vienna Philharmonic in New York’s Carnegie Hall – “due to recent events in the world” (!!!)

In addition, according to media reports, it was said that the Scala Gergiev in Milan also issued a similar ultimatum as Reiter in Munich.

“Bayerischer Rundfunk” points out that in the past Gergiev had tried “to convince the public of his pacifist attitude”.
Shortly before his debut concert in the Bavarian capital in 2015, Gergiev told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” that he wanted to work to improve German-Russian relations.

Valeri Gergiev

“We must do whatever it takes to avoid another major tragic conflict,” he said at the time.
“Big means: up to a third world war, which I hope will never happen.”


And I mean…First the following remark: This post comes as a declaration of solidarity to a man who works in the theater business, as I have been for 36 years.
But that’s not the only reason.
A legitimate question arises: if attitude control is to be introduced in the West, how will it differ from totalitarian regimes?

Wanting to force people to say something specific so that they can continue to practice their profession is illegal and has only the worst role models in Germany’s history.

Why does Gergiev have to take a stand? Are people now also being thrown out and put under pressure whose political opinions do not conform with those of their employer?
We thought we had a democracy here.
The right to speak, to express one’s opinion, regardless of whether the Lord Mayor likes it or not, is contained in the Basic Law on which Mayor Dieter Reiter swore his oath of office.

We live in an outrage society.
People who disagree will be defamed.
People who criticize the corona measures are Nazis, people who understand the need to respect Russian security interests are anti-democrats, etc.
The main thing is that we are the morally superior, the good guys.

Dieter Reiter emulates the Lord Mayor of Munich during the Nazi era, who freed the city’s orchestras from Jews.
Russian-free anyway.

So… That’s it for freedom of expression…
The racist little minds have taken over Germany again.


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