Malta bans fur farming and foie gras production.

12 August 2022

Whilst there are currently no operational fur farms or foie gras production in the country, this move will help to prevent these farming methods that disregard animal welfare from being practised in the future.

The Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights published a new legal notice, LN 187 2022, amending the Regulations on the Protection of Animals kept for reasons related to Agriculture. 

This legal notice adds regulations regarding the prohibition of the forced feeding of birds and the prohibition of raising animals for fur in Malta.

Though such practices are not the norm in Malta, it is still crucial to prohibit them to ensure the protection of these animals.

Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, Malta

Malta now joins 12 other EU countries that have prohibited fur farming.

Whilst this is a great step forward, there is currently no ban on the placement of farmed fur products on the market in Malta.

Eurogroup for Animals is calling for a ban on fur farming and farmed fur products across the European. 

Do you support this ban? Add your name to the European Citizens’ Initiative Fur Free Europe.

Regards Mark

Check out the ‘Respect for Animals’ web site for all the latest associated with fur:

NEWS | Respect for Animals

2 thoughts on “Malta bans fur farming and foie gras production.”

  1. Dear Mark and Venus… First, a billion thanks for the important wonderful work you both do on behalf of the animals all these many years. I’ve appreciated you both so much since receiving your mails years ago. I stand along side you both as an abolitionist animal advocate. Thank you, thank you both for dedicating your lives to animal liberation. Mark, secondly, i don’t know what is going on with my WordPress account, but it is not showing as my receiving emails from you..?? I will sign up again and hope that all is in order to continue receiving your important mails. Again, eternal thanks to you both for your great hearts and empathetic souls for the animals. Always for the animals’ liberation, Carol


  2. Mark, i did just re-subscribe and tells me that i am already subscribed; not sure why WordPress is not showing you as a site i am subscribed to… i just don’t want to miss any of your mails. Mark also to tell you, which i may have years ago… my dear Mom was the (only!!!) minister who, after having Dr. Tom Regan -in 1984- come to her ministry… declare her church a FurFreeZone. We carried Hans Ruesch’s works, PETA, Prof. Gary Francione.. all cruelty-free products, promoted veganism, would not allow anyone to enter the church if wearing a fur coat, instead telling them to bury it outside… my dear Mom was so ahead of her time… and we were sued by the Unity School of Practical Christianity for teaching as we did.. even tho the Unity founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore were vegan-based and taught the truth on animal abuse and what it does to the animals, and to us. Of course Unity Headquarters does not teach any of this anymore for many many years. Mark, i will trust all is well with my WordPress account to continue to receive your good mails… and i do send you and dear Venus so many thanks and much love for your always compassionate hearts. Many thanks… Carol


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