England: 8//22 – Back.

Hi all; hope you are good.

18/8 – well back home tonight as I have been released from hospital which I have been in for the past week.  It relates to an old accident I had with a motorbike and rider when I was on my bike about 40 years ago doing some time trials.

Some of you have commented that that you are not getting ‘new data’ through – well there has been none due to situation described.  Venus has moved on now so resources are limited and posts stop or are minimal until thins get back on track. I think this is the main issue with people as they think something has happened.

It is simply that circumstances over the last week have caused issues.  I hope to start pushing out posts for you very soon; in the next day r so.

Sorry for the delay but hopefully tings are now getting back to more normal;

Regards Mark


One thought on “England: 8//22 – Back.”

  1. Thanks for your years of dedication and informative journalism Mark. Sorry to hear your fearless youth is catching up with you.


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