EU: Less than 3 Months In, and Already A Quarter of the Way Towards A FUR FREE Europe.

Already Quarter of the way to a Fur Free Europe

25 August 2022

260,000 Europeans have already signed our Fur Free Europe ECI. That means we’re over a quarter of the way to our target of 1,000,000 validated signatures backing this European Citizens’ Initiative, which will oblige the European Commission to respond and take action to ban fur farms and farmed fur products on the European market.

Outfoxing the laggards

The EU-level legislation we are seeking with this ECI would compel Member States that are still lagging behind to take the necessary steps. And such steps would be popular: a majority of people in every country across the EU consider that breeding animals for fur is an unacceptable cruelty.

Malta has just fallen into line, bringing the number of EU nations with a full ban on fur farming to thirteen. Three have a partial ban, while a further five are considering their next moves. And meanwhile the fur industry is on its back paws, the latest victim being the fur garment industry in Greece, which has been forced to shut down due to EU sanctions on Russia. 

Fur jumps off the catwalk

And, in Denmark, once one of the biggest fur exporters in the world, this month’s Copenhagen Fashion Week followed Amsterdam, Helsinki and Oslo in going fur-free, after several luxury brands including Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Moncler announced fur-free collections. Next month, we will look more closely at how we must keep fur-free trending in fashion. 

So now is the time to act!

Make sure you have added your signature to the campaign. And if you can get three other people to sign then we’ll soon have the further three-quarters of a million we need!

Start of the collection period


Registration number



Fur farming is inherently cruel and it is widely rejected by EU citizens.

It is impossible to improve the welfare of animals on fur farms. Whilst no animals should live in a caged environment, the keeping of inherently wild species in cages can only be defined as abject cruelty.

The keeping and killing of animals solely for the purpose of fur production is ethically unacceptable.

Numerous outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 on mink farms have evidenced the veterinary-public health risks associated with the production of fur.

The existence of production bans in some Member States has a distorting impact on the market for the supply of farmed fur products. This favours traders in those Member States where there is no production ban, to the detriment of those EU countries where outright bans are already in place.

The placing of fur products on the internal markets of several territories and jurisdictions has already been prohibited. This includes dog and cat fur within the EU.

Echoing the calls from many Member States we, EU citizens, invite the Commission to prohibit by law, throughout the Union, the:

keeping and killing of animals for the sole or main purpose of fur production.

placement of farmed animal fur, and products containing such fur, on the EU market.

274,665 have signed. Let’s go to 500,000

Act Now – please sign the ECI


Fur Free Europe | Eurogroup for Animals

Regards Mark

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