India: August 2022 News and Rescue Videos From The Crew At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Dear Mark 

Rajasthan has received more rain this year than in the last 70 years! This meant the need for even more shelter around the hospital and sanctuary. We put up new roofing, did repairs, elevated and leveled earth and removed unstable trees.

As the saying goes, “when it rains it pours.” And indeed, not only is it the dreaded maggot season that comes every year during monsoon, but Rajasthan has been hit with an outbreak of a viral disease amongst cattle called Lumpy Skin Disease. Many of our hospital and sanctuary cows have already been affected and are under treatment. Sadly, we haven’t been able to save them all but most are recovering with supportive care. We are currently vaccinating and doing our best to treat those affected.

Just two tiny holes were left for air to enter. A traumatic face wound had injured her nose so badly that the entire tip was missing. In a state of shock, however, she surrendered any resistance she might have had to being caught and brought to the hospital. She simply seemed to give us permission to try to save her life.

But saving her was not going to be easy. She was in a great deal of pain and refused to eat for several days which made us worry if the injuries were deeper and affecting her ability to eat.

On day 4, something changed! And the rest of her sweet story is–ahead of her! Meet Lovebug now!

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Children gathered around the struggling puppy, whose little hind legs flopped behind him after he was hit by a car. It was heartbreaking to see. Our rescue team scooped him up and found, to our relief, that he seemed to have no spinal injury, no open wounds, and no fractures. But still, he couldn’t bear weight on his hind legs.

We treated him for spinal injury, though he was completely unwilling to obey the “rules” of bed-rest and kept on playing. Within a few weeks, his balance was starting to catch up with his determination to have fun. His legs aren’t perfect, but they take him wherever he needs to go. And Neemo wants to go everywhere! 

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This beautiful boy had a massive wound on his chest. He had a family who stroked and loved him and seemed to somehow let him know he needed to go with our rescue team without any resistance. But he was terrified of the wound cleaning process, and it broke our hearts to see the fear leaping from his eyes.

Suturing the wound closed was not an option because of the place and size of the wound, so it would need to heal by daily bandaging. When the first treatment was finished his entire face changed to reveal trust and comfort as he began the beautiful process of bonding with his new hospital caregivers.

How wonderful it was to be able to return Kalu to his neighborhood and the people he simply loves!

Love means diligence, because serious wounds need weeks of treatment.

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Piyush, at just 21-years-old, is already an experienced animal rescuer in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, who has formed a small team of volunteers to respond to emergencies in his locality. He came to volunteer at Animal Aid for a month to observe how a busy animal shelter works.

His bright and eager mind combined with a tremendous compassion gave us all a big dose of optimism. He and his team are helping as many animals in Jamshedpur as they can, focusing on street treatments, preventing small problems from becoming large ones, and they have managed to temporarily house recovering dogs who need immobilization into foster care.

We wish to Piyush and his team an amazing future!

We are delighted that our beloved Mangibai is back with us and all the animals who dearly missed her.

In mid-July, Mangibai and her husband were bitten by the most poisonous snake in India–a krait–in the middle of the night, and remained in critical condition for many days. We all were beyond worried, and the ICU ward she was recovering in was flooded with Animal Aid staff in and out at every time of the day. Miraculously, they both made it through the first critical days, and they were able to return home a week later. They would still need weeks of rest to completely regain their strength. 

A staff member for over 10 years, Mangibai is one of our most experienced care-givers, and a beautiful person. We celebrated her return with garlands, hugs and tears of joy – so incredibly lucky and grateful to have her back with us.

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Regards Mark

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