China: Hainan Airlines: Stop Sending Monkeys to Laboratories ! – Take Action Here.

Hi Mark,

We have discovered that Chinese air carrier Hainan Airlines – which a decade ago promised to stop transporting monkeys destined for US laboratories – shipped 720 monkeys earlier this month from Cambodia to the US for use in cruel experiments.

Every year, tens of thousands of monkeys are sent to the US to be imprisoned in laboratories and tormented in experiments that consistently fail to lead to meaningful scientific advances.

These highly social and sensitive individuals are either captured from their homes in nature or bred in captivity on squalid factory farms, where many die from injury and disease even before they’re crammed into small wooden crates and confined to the dark, terrifying cargo holds of planes for more than 15 hours.

Mark, please tell Hainan Airlines to reconsider shipping monkeys and keep its earlier promise to ban transporting monkeys for experimentation:

On behalf of monkeys, thank you.

PETA Australia


Hainan Airlines: Stop Sending Monkeys to Laboratories!

Hainan Airlines: Stop Sending Monkeys to Laboratories! | PETA Australia

Regards Mark

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