Day: September 2, 2022

England: Aerospace to Stray Dogs and More. My Years at SAV, By Mark.

Serbian ‘shinters’ catch stray dogs.

I have given the link to this in the past, but for newer visitors you may wish to drop by and check it out sometime.

Back in 2005 I founded ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV) to try and get a lot more attention in the way that the Serbian government was abusing and killing stray animals (dogs and cats).

We had many long battles with the government over this issue of abuse and killing; and often it resulted in us taking our issues to the EU, as Serbia (was not and still is not) a nation which wished to become an EU member state.  Basically, Serbia is unable to implement the rule of law (relating to its own national legislation) which is one of the core fundamentals for any nation wishing to become an EU member state.

So, I decided to close the site months ago due to the requirements of WAV, but you can still access all the site and read up on all our issues and fights by visiting the archive section on the left hand side.

Here is the site link:

Home – Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) | a voice for the voiceless

About Serbian animals – About Serbian Animals. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

You change sometimes – a great 25 years in aerospace; but now an even better time doing animal rights !

About Us – About Us. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Don’t forget that you need to go to the archive section on the left to get a month by month documentary of our fight for Serbian strays; and other issues such as farm animals and live exports from Serbia.

For example, you can see our expose of Serbian sheep being exported live to Israel here:

Serbia: Breaking News – Serbia Exports Live Sheep To Israel. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Please check out the SAV site sometime if you wish, and see what we have been up to (pre WAV) in the past;

Regards Mark

UK: Animal Rebellion: Vegan Activists Vow to Disrupt UK Dairy Milk Supply in Eco Protest.

England: Milk; Still Think Its Natural For Humans ? – No, For Baby Cows Only. – World Animals Voice

Animal Rebellion: Vegan activists vow to disrupt UK dairy milk supply in eco protest

Vegan activists have vowed to disrupt the supply of milk to UK supermarkets for the first two weeks of September in an anti-dairy protest.

Animal Rebellion, a group of animal rights activists linked to Extinction Rebellion, said it would take action in supermarkets across the UK, affecting millions of customers, from Saturday.

It claims it has hundreds of volunteers who are prepared to take direct action to prevent people buying dairy milk.

The escalation of the protest comes after demonstrators with the group blockaded supermarkets in London earlier this year and also poured milk onto the floor of Harrods.

In a statement, the group said: “We have spent months trying all the proper channels to engage with the Government on the scientific consensus to transition to a plant-based future, but they have chosen to ignore us.

“We are left with no choice but to step into civil resistance to pressure government action to preserve our futures.

“We are announcing our intentions in advance so the British public to prepare for a disruption to the milk supply this September.

“We apologise for any stress this may cause during a cost of living crisis, but the government are sleepwalking every single one of us into poverty, misery, and climate and ecological collapse. We cannot sit by and let this happen.”

Other direct action taken by the group include disrupting the Trooping the Colour ceremony at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and invading the track at the Epsom derby.

Activists have also blockaded factories and restaurants associated with the diary and meat industries.

Some of those involved in the group have been linked to other eco-groups known for their direct action tactics, such as Just Stop Oil.

The chief executive for the Dairy Council, told the Guardian in response to the group’s plans: “It’s difficult to comment upfront before any events take place, but we are very disappointed at Animal Rebellion’s planned action, which could cause totally unnecessary disruption for businesses and consumers and is unhelpful during a cost of living crisis. We’d urge them to rethink their actions.”

Regards Mark

China: Hainan Airlines: Stop Sending Monkeys to Laboratories ! – Take Action Here.

Hi Mark,

We have discovered that Chinese air carrier Hainan Airlines – which a decade ago promised to stop transporting monkeys destined for US laboratories – shipped 720 monkeys earlier this month from Cambodia to the US for use in cruel experiments.

Every year, tens of thousands of monkeys are sent to the US to be imprisoned in laboratories and tormented in experiments that consistently fail to lead to meaningful scientific advances.

These highly social and sensitive individuals are either captured from their homes in nature or bred in captivity on squalid factory farms, where many die from injury and disease even before they’re crammed into small wooden crates and confined to the dark, terrifying cargo holds of planes for more than 15 hours.

Mark, please tell Hainan Airlines to reconsider shipping monkeys and keep its earlier promise to ban transporting monkeys for experimentation:

On behalf of monkeys, thank you.

PETA Australia


Hainan Airlines: Stop Sending Monkeys to Laboratories!

Hainan Airlines: Stop Sending Monkeys to Laboratories! | PETA Australia

Regards Mark

Our recent post on this:

China: Hainan Airlines alleged illegal monkey shipment prompts complaint from animal rights activists. – World Animals Voice

URGENT: Tell Taiwan to Stop Allowing Cruel Dental Tests on Animals – Take Action Now – Links Given.

URGENT: Tell Taiwan to Stop Allowing Cruel Dental Tests on Animals

In an encouraging move, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has proposed a progressive new draft revision of a regulation that would save animals’ lives. We need your help to encourage the TFDA to formalize these changes and make them permanent in the final regulation.

If adopted, the proposed rule change would no longer permit cruel and deadly tests on animals as an option for companies in Taiwan seeking to make human dental health claims for marketing their food and beverage products.

Act today, though—time is running out. The 60-day window for commenting on this proposed rule change ends on October 17. Please don’t wait to encourage TDFA officials to adopt the new regulation.

What Is the Change?
Specifically, the proposed change affects the TFDA’s “Efficacy Assessment Method of Health Food for Dental Care” by removing experiments on animals as an option for companies to pursue when applying to use this human dental health claim for marketing their food and beverage products to consumers.

Previously, the agency’s regulation instructed experimenters to feed rats sugar water and bacteria that cause dental decay, swab their mouths, feed them the test food products, kill them, and dissect their mouths. There’s no need to kill the animals just to examine their mouths and teeth—the killing is strictly for experimenters’ convenience.

The new rule, if adopted in the final regulation as is, would eliminate this option for grotesque testing on animals. Only safe and effective human tests would be required and allowed for companies that want to use dental health claims for marketing food and beverage products in Taiwan.

Change Is Good

The TFDA’s latest proposed revision follows other recent historic announcements. Following years of sustained PETA pressure, the agency announced a series of historic steps forward:

In addition to pushing for the TFDA to amend a draft regulation to prohibit health food companies from mutilating rats in attempts to make joint-protection health claims, PETA is leading a global trend against animal testing—we’ve persuaded dozens of food and beverage companies, including major ones in Taiwan, to end (or commit to never starting) experiments on animals, and we’re urging more such companies there to follow suit.

Not only is animal experimentation cruel, it’s also a colossal failure. Specifically, 90% of basic research, the majority of which involves animal tests, fails to lead to treatments for humans—and more than 95% of new drugs that test safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials.

What You Can Do
Please send a polite letter today thanking the TFDA for proposing a draft revision of a regulation that would no longer permit animal testing for companies seeking to make dental health claims for marketing foods. Then urge the agency to make the regulation’s changes permanent.


URGENT: Tell Taiwan to Stop Allowing Cruel Dental Tests on Animals | PETA

Regards Mark