Curacao: Animal Rights Ruling Against Curaçao Sea Aquarium – Verdict To Be Handed Down October 19.

Animal Rights ruling against Curaçao Sea Aquarium October 19

WILLEMSTAD – In the lawsuit filed by Animals Rights against Curaçao Sea Aquarium concerning the five dolphins that were transferred to the Fakieh Aquarium in Saudi Arabia in June, the verdict will be handed down on Wednesday 19 October.

Lawyer Bertie Braam stated during the summary proceedings on Wednesday that Animal Rights would like to see a collaboration with Seaquarium.  

Animal Rights started a lawsuit in early June against Seaquarium, the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN), and Tursiops, the owner of the dolphins. According to the animal organization, the permit for the transport of the five dolphins should never have been issued.

Last week it was announced that dolphin Mosa has died at the Fakieh Aquarium. Camera images show how the dolphin swims against a wall at high speed. Mosa suffered serious injuries and died as a result of a considerable amount of blood in her lungs. 

According to Braam, animal welfare is a high priority for Animal Rights and therefore a collaboration between the two parties seems to be the best solution. In addition, according to the lawyer, it is also a good time to take a close look at the animal welfare legislation in Curaçao. Braam emphasizes to the local Dutch news site that the welfare of dolphins is different on the island than in the Netherlands. “There is no organization here that is concerned with the welfare of the animals, we need Animal Rights from the Netherlands for that.”  

The lawyer sees two possible statements. “The judge can say that the treaty has been tested and that what happened around the case is in accordance with the treaty and then that’s the end of the story,” said Braam. But according to Braam, the judge can also annul the permit. If the permit is annulled, another solution must be sought. Animal Right hopes that the options for moving the animals to another facility will then be looked into. 

Animal Rights ruling against Curaçao Sea Aquarium October 19 – Curaçao Chronicle (

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