India: Animal rights activists protest against dog cruelty, hold rally at Jantar Mantar.

Animal rights activists protest against dog cruelty, hold rally at Jantar Mantar

In the wake of recent incidents of cruelty against canines, over 40 animal rights organisations participated in a protest rally at Jantar Mantar on Saturday. The human-canine conflict has been an ongoing debate in the country, with frequent reports of cruelty against dogs and also of dogs attacking people. In Kottayam district of Kerala recently, a canine accused of attacking people, was beaten to death and then publicly strung up. Many stray dogs were killed in the state in a random culling.

“Animal welfare needs to become a strong, confident community. I am happy that so many have come here today to show the power of compassion,” People for Animals (PFA) founder and MP Maneka Gandhi said in a message, adding, “Arm yourselves with courage, knowledge, compassion and common sense. The law protects animals.”

Ambika Shukla, trustee, PFA, told us, “There has been an alarming rise in atrocities against dogs and a campaign of hate is being spread against them. Such acts lead to fear-mongering. This event is a way to demonstrate that there are people who will not shy away from taking a stand for these harmless creatures.” The rally also highlighted that hate cannot be the solution to the issue. “Hate and fear only aggravate the problem. People who have dogs feel stressed because they are often being attacked. This might lead them to abandoning their dogs. This, in turn, will add to the stray dog crisis in the country,” she pointed out.

Feeding stray dogs is also often a bone of contention in residential societies. Stressing on the importance of feeding street dogs and drawing attention to their illegal relocation, Shukla added, “Under the law, nobody can relocate strays. Generally, three causes lead to incidents of dog bites: territorial fights, heat season, which is their mating season, when male canines become excitable, and when female canines become protective about their litters after birth. The Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme addresses these issues. In view of this, WHO recommends dogs be sterilised, vaccinated and retained in their territories under the ABC programme. Feeding street dogs makes them friendly and identifiable for revaccination.”

Divya Seth and Sonam Kapoor sent messages of support to the gathering as well.

Animal rights activists protest against dog cruelty, hold rally at Jantar Mantar | Events Movie News – Times of India (

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