England: My Breakfast Buddy – and More !.

I call him every morning when I go out to feed all the other birds. He arrives immediately, knowing that I have a little special starter of the day for him – ground up biscuits; a mass of different little birds seeds, Museli, bread and some little crushed other style biscuits.

We are mates and he usually comes to within about 20cm from me. He knows I will never hurt him; quite the opposite, and he can rely on me to get his belly filled up for a busy day. When I went out to put down some badger food tonight, he was having a final wash and scrub up in one of the trays we have filled with water.

No doubt I will see him again tomorrow and I hope to get more photos in the coming days, which I will publish.

This is NOT my video; but you can see little Robin here.

Here in the UK we are approaching Winter; and his bright red breast is a sure sign of this.

Here is the photo I took today – 3/10/22.

My breakfast club buddy taken in my garden this morning – Mark.

Video – everything you need to know about the Robin.

We get some great wildlife in the garden – but we do encourage them always with plenty of food.

Here is a badger which I photographed in the Summer, smiling as he knew I was takig his photo !

Sunday smile – photo Mark.

photo – Mark

Starlings enjoy a morning bath in one of our water trays – Mark

Foxes (Vulpines) are one of my best subjects – I love photographing them.

Foxy 1 – Mark

Foxy 2 – Mark.
Foxy 3 – Mark.

Fight the badger cull;

The ‘other’ side of Dr (of Astrophysics) Brian.

Regards and enjoy – Mark

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