England: Fighting the Badger Cull.

The badger Cull

Over 176,000 badgers have been killed since the current badger cull began in England in 2013. Badgers are killed in their thousands from Cornwall to Cumbria under misguided and fundamentally flawed attempts to control bovine Tuberculosis (bTB), an infectious respiratory disease which affects cattle.

Badgers are not the problem – Politicians Are !

Bovine TB is always present in the environment and can affect or be carried harmlessly by many species – livestock and wildlife alike. Yet the government has focused on badgers, even though 94% of cattle infections are from cow to cow. Many in the farming community wrongly believe that badgers are a significant vector in the spread of the disease. For many years, independent scientists, vets, researchers, as well as Badger Trust, have rightly challenged this claim. 

Continue reading and watch several videos at the Badger Trust:

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Setts, Drugs and Rock n Roll:

England: Setts, Drugs and Rock n Roll. Dr Brian May Speaks In Defence of Badgers at Oxford University. – World Animals Voice

Regards Mark – fight the cull !

Save Me !

My wonderful badgers below who visit my own garden:

Photo – Mark WAV

Photo – Mark
Photo – Mark

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