UK: Truss Meets Her Teutoberg – The Conservative General Who Fell On Her Own Sword. The Viper Who Ceases To Hiss.

Give me back my legions !

WAV Comment – On 5th September 2022 I posted the following:  Liz Truss, very bad for animal welfare and bad for the environment.

UK: Liz Truss, new UK Prime Minister – very bad for animal welfare, bad for the environment; and bad for the Conservative Party. – World Animals Voice

Well today, 20/10/22, Liz Truss was forced to resign by members of her own Conservative Party.

UK: Tin-eared Truss is about to embark on the greatest betrayal of animal rights imaginable. – World Animals Voice

She is officially the shortest serving Prime Minister in British history – resigning after just 44 days in office.  With our dinner tonight we made a toast to the environment and animal welfare; 2 issues that have not passed her lips since she was elected.  Is it me, or is the environment, global warming, the turmoil which results in so many nations at this very moment due to it, something which should really be at the forefront of political leaders in boxes ?

I am gonna have another drink later – I am so pleased to see her go; especially if she takes Rees Mogg with her, a foie gras production supporter (and no doubt eater) who hopefully will get his marching orders at the cabinet reshuffle which will take place as soon as the new PM is elected in just over a week.

Liz Truss has refused to enshrine animal welfare in trade deals, says minister | Animal welfare | The Guardian

England: Liz Truss has REFUSED to enshrine animal welfare in trade deals, says minister. – World Animals Voice

England: Liz Truss ‘has sewage on her hands’; Defra, Live Animal Exports, and …… – World Animals Voice

For the Brits; and being English I am one of them; environmental and animal welfare issues are big (maybe massive ?) vote winners; but this woman refused to see that, or even start to get a grip on them and the issues.  We carry on with our hardened battle campaigning for the badgers, live animals in transport, vivisection issues, factory farming and the rest.  We don’t come and go in a matter of just a few weeks – we are in for the long fights; however long the victories take to achieve.

So, now, Conservative MP’s are trembling at the thought of what the British public will do to them at the next General Election.  So now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to really turn up the gas with them on issues that we all care about – animal welfare and the environment.

THE Conservatives could face an electoral wipeout at the next general election, according to recent polling data.

A YouGov/Times poll published yesterday puts Labour some 33 points ahead of the Conservatives, understood to be the largest lead for Labour in any poll since 1998.

The poll puts Labour on 54 per cent, with the Conservatives down to just 21 per cent.

Another poll, by election forecaster Electoral Calculus and Find Out Now predicted that an imminent general election would see Labour win a majority of over 100 seats, while the Conservatives would be reduced to their lowest share of the national vote in history.

This is how the Conservatives could face a wipeout at next general election (

So we battle on now after witnessing our opposition anti environment and anti animal welfare general fall on her own sword in London today.

I (Mark) personally have a great interest in (ancient) Roman military history.  The romans lost 3 entire legions (Legio XVII, Legio XVIII and Legio XIX) under the control of Publius Quinctilius Varus in AD 9; ambushed by Arminius, the leader of the Germanic tribes, in Germany, at a battle known as that of ‘Teutoberg Forest’ which is near the modern German town of Kalkriese.

The Romans hated the forests of Northern Europe, as their excellent fighting machines always won best in the wide, open lands of Southern Europe. The North European forests were a haunted danger to them. The fight in the Teutoberg forest which included the slaughter of Varus and his legions, led to the abandonment of any plans to transform Germnmania Magna into a province and which also resulted in the river Rhine acting as a border between the roman world and the German tribes.

Roman casualties have been estimated at 15,000–20,000 dead, and many of the officers were said to have taken their own lives by falling on their swords in the approved manner.  Tacitus wrote that many officers were sacrificed by the Germanic forces as part of their indigenous religious ceremonies, cooked in pots and their bones used for rituals.[37] Others were ransomed and some common soldiers appear to have been enslaved

Read more – Battle of the Teutoburg Forest – Wikipedia

Battle of the Teutoburg Forest | Summary, Facts, & Significance | Britannica

Finally, as the Germanic tribes sliced the tongues out of the Roman soldiers they had captured, they uttered the words:

‘At last, the viper has ceased to hiss’.

The animal rights / environmentalists gained a victory today, with the forced resignation of a viper – a ‘general’ of the Conservative armies that sit encamped in and around Downing Street, London. Waiting now for their massacre ? – time will tell.

Our battles have been long and drawn out for decades; our animal rights movement has tenacity, whilst politicians just come into senate and then go.

Today, one viper ceased to hiss any more; now the Conservatives must very seriously address the issues of animals and their rights and act to the positive; otherwise they will meet their own ‘Teutoberg’ massacre at the next UK general Election.

Regards Mark.

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