Europe – Fur Free Europe; Going Well But The 1 Million Signature Target Needs Support By March 2023.

I have been talking with the guys at (England Nottingham) based ‘Respect for Animals’ today – fighting the fur industry.

Respect for Animals | Campaign against animal fur – Fur for Animals

We are over half way there in calling for a fur free Europe, and at this present time around 600,000 Europeans have already signed the current Fur Free Europe ECI.

This means that the campaign is well over half of the way to meeting the target of 1,000,000 validated signatures backing the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) which would, if auccessful, oblige the European Commission to both respond and take action.

The Fur Free Europe ECI calls on the EU to ban both fur farming and the placing on the market of farmed fur products.

The ECI Fur Free Europe runs from 18/05/2022, and lasts for one year. So it is essential that we push this campaign and get as many signatures as possible over the coming months,

In order to influence the Commissions draft proposals for changes to the animal welfare legislation across the EU, 1 million signatures need to be collected by around March 2023, which makes the next few months crucial in this campaign.

British and other worldwide citizens are not elegible to sign this petition – which requires validation and is limited to EU citizens only.

But, as many EU citizens still live in the UK, they still have the right to sign the ECI for a fur free Europe.

If you are an EU citizen, or you know of any, then please sign, or urge them to sign by going to:

Fur Free Europe | Eurogroup for Animals

Every signature is so important, and counts in getting past 1 million.

Compiled in conjunction with ‘Respect for Animals’, Nottingham, England.

Regards Mark

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