Day: December 22, 2022

England: (London) – A Message From Animal Equality. For ALL WAV Supporters.

Hi Mark,

I know you probably don’t get to hear this a lot when you open your emails so I want to say it now, loud and clear:

Thank you.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you give to Animal Equality and the support you give to animals who suffer on factory farms and inside slaughterhouses around the world.

When you sign petitions, post about farmed animals on social media, attend protests, and make donations to Animal Equality…it all makes a difference.

It’s so inspiring for me to see more and more people like you supporting us and believing in our collective mission to end animal cruelty.

I’ve been fighting for animals for over 20 years now and it will never be easy to see an innocent animal suffering.

And yet, I can honestly say that I feel privileged to be writing this email to you. I have always felt privileged to work for animals. It’s my life’s mission and I will do it for the rest of my life.

But I have been through many difficulties.

When I founded Animal Equality with Javier Moreno and Jose Valle we started the organisation with no resources. We didn’t have the money to do much for animals and that was very hard.

On one occasion we ran out of money during an important investigation inside pig farms in Spain. We literally had to ask our friends to support us with donations to be able to finalise the investigation.

So they did.

And that became the first ever and largest investigation inside pig farms to be presented in Spain. It opened the news cycle that day.

We wanted to show people in the city where we lived what happens inside factory farms so we stood outside for hours showing the images. We couldn’t afford laptops so we chose to make banners instead.

And to save money, we made the banners out of cardboard we found outside clothing stores.

Those times were difficult because there wasn’t more we could do.

Now Mark, I’ll be honest with you, those were challenging times because every night I went to sleep thinking if only we had enough resources to be able to do more for animals.

I imagined what it could be like if we could have better cameras for our investigations or be able to hire a team to support Animal Equality’s missions or if we could meet journalists in an office instead of inside coffee shops. 

We learned very quickly that without the time and resources we needed, we couldn’t help animals the way we wanted to.

Today, Animal Equality is a global force with more resources and a team of 100 people, but I still ask myself what more can be done. What else could we achieve?

That’s why people like you are so important. Because we can’t help animals by ourselves. In fact, we’re not even the main component.

The main component in helping animals is you.

Tomorrow I want to share with you a story that’s very important to me. It’s the story of an animal who is very close to my heart. I hope you’ll read it.


Sharon Núñez


Animal Equality

P.S. Right now, every donation made to Animal Equality is being matched by an anonymous donor until 31st December or until we reach our £150,000 UK goal, whichever comes first. This means if you donate today, you’ll be able to give twice as much to animals at no extra cost to you!

Donate today to help animals. <

Animal Equality (UK)

124 City Road

London, EC1V 2NX

United Kingdom Charity no. 1168309

Here are just a few of their investigation videos – find more by Googling ‘Animal Equality’

Regards Mark

England: Animal rights activists left furious after Defence Secretary Ben Wallace strips them of their right to monitor hunts on MoD land ahead of traditional Boxing Day meets.

The decision comes ahead of Boxing Day, which is traditionally the biggest day in the hunting calendar.

Photo – Getty Images

Animal rights activists left furious after Defence Secretary Ben Wallace strips them of their right to monitor hunts on MoD land ahead of traditional Boxing Day meets

To read the full article, click here:

Animal rights actvists’ fury as Defence Secretary strips their right to monitor hunts on MoD land | Daily Mail Online

With the state of the Conservative Party / Government in relation to (a massive lack of) public support at this current time, one would think they would be attempting to get more public on their side; not lowering their backing even more which this will obviously do. The Boxing Day village / town parades and hunt around the country is the main day of the year when hunts attempt to show their worth to the public. Worth that means nothing – just blood lust fanatics who rip animals to shreds trying justify their existence. Throughout the country, masses of anti hunt supporters and sabs give up part of their Christmas Boxing Day holiday to line villages and towns in opposition to what the hunt is about – killing animals for fun. There are obvious clashes as a result – it can turn nasty and often does.

Click to watch on Youtube

Regards Mark

Above – Ben Wallace – Photo PA – Defence Secretary Ben Wallace wrote to the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) earlier this month to inform them he was ripping up a long-standing agreement.

This is what hunt monitors attempt to prevent – Photo Mark WAV.