UK; Live Animal Export Ban Is Progressing Through Parliament.

England – As some of you will know, live animal transportation (from anywhere to anywhere) has always been my No. 1 campaign issue.  I have around 35 years experience of fighting the live trade in the UK and elsewhere.

In the UK there is (December 2022) finally positive news on this; we hope that the ‘Kept Animals Bill’ (which includes the live export ban) will finally be approved within both houses of Parliament in early 2023.

We’re so close to ending live exports in the UK. After a consultation by the UK and Welsh Governments earlier, the UK Government has confirmed the end of live animal exports in the UK for fattening and slaughter as part of the Kept Animals Bill. The Kept Animals Bill is progressing through Parliament.

An outright ban of this kind on live animal exports is stronger than some animal welfare experts had expected the government to propose – although one MP who’s campaigned on this issue for years (and was delighted) told me he didn’t care how the practice ended, just that it did.

With positive hopes; I will report more on this when I get more news;

Sometimes, campaigns take a while to win – but if you have tenacity, then …….

Regards Mark

UPDATE 21/12 from CIWF London:

In the past – A Dutch sheep haulier is met by the welcoming committee at Dover, England.

Photo – Mark

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