England: A Message From Phil – 2022 – A Year of Hope for Farmed Animals.

From Mark (WAV) – I have had the pleasure of knowing Phil for some 35+ years. We first got to know each other when we combined our efforts relating to the export of live animals from Dover, Kent, England – it has been a long haul, but as you can see in the video things are moving forward with regard a live export ban in the UK.

Enjoy the video and also note the very positive progress being made at the EU regarding the banning of cage systems. Now that is a massive positive !

… and in the UK, preparing to get official government legislation that will stop the live export of animals for both slaughter and further fattening.

Both photos – animal buddy Val Cameron.

Dear Mark,

As we approach the end of 2022, here at Compassion we’ve been looking back at what’s been an exceptional year. Globally, we’ve witnessed the horror of war in Ukraine, and been hit by the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, extreme weather events and the cost-of-living crisis. Yet, despite the challenges we all face, you’re still standing with us in the fight to end animal suffering and create a brighter future for farmed animals. For this we thank you!  

In the past year, Compassion supporters around the world have taken millions of actions against the cruelty and injustice of factory farming. And, however you’ve got involved, you’ve made a huge difference!

Every email sent, and every petition signed, has stepped up the pressure on those in power to act.

Every tweet or share of a Compassion post on social media has spread the word and strengthened the global movement for farmed animals.

Every pound donated has helped us to investigate and expose the suffering caused by intensive farming, deliver powerful public campaigns, engage directly with politicians, or influence global food brands to improve the lives of billions of animals. We’ve created this short video showing the remarkable progress you’ve helped to achieve during 2022. We hope you enjoy watching and, just as your support inspires us, we hope that seeing all your achievements will inspire you to keep on fighting to end factory farming. You might wish to share the feel-good video with friends and family!

Together, we’re showing governments, food companies, and citizens that the wellbeing of people and the Earth depends upon ending the world’s biggest cause of animal cruelty – factory farming. On behalf of everyone at Compassion and the 2.5 billion animals set to benefit each year from your support, thank you!

Sending season’s greetings and wishing you a happy and peaceful New Year.

Warmest wishes,

Philip Lymbery

Global CEO, Compassion in World Farming

Regards Mark

Above – From the recent past – The ‘Joline’ (owned by Dutchman Onderwater) crossing the English Channel To France loaded up with British animals destined for slaughter. New UK live export legislation will stop this completely, although there has been nothing crossing the Channel now for many months anyway.

Above – Doing my bit in the Netherlands (in the past) with the CIWF intensive farming tour truck.

In the Netherlands…….

In the Netherlands, as well as public days, we visited many schools and colleges to show students what intensive farming was like.

He we are with the truck getting ready for another day visiting Dutch schools.

Below – parked up near to parliament in London. You entered from the rear into the intensive systems; and left via the front which showed ‘refrigerated’ alternatives – hence the ‘split’ configuration of the trailer.

Remembering John and Mike:

and top London campaigner (and great animal buddy friend), Mike Tucker:

The daily live export vigil held in London – Mike washes down the Defra steps in Whitehall, telling them to ‘clean up their act’ and ban live animal transport.

Great memories !!

Regards Mark

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