Malta: Quail Hunting Competition Must Not Go Ahead – From 3/2/23). ? More to come when we get info.

Malta – A quail hunting competition scheduled to take place at L-Aħrax, Mellieħa tomorrow (this was Friday 3/2 –  Mark) must not go ahead, three animal rights organisations have insisted.

FKNK, GħKNK Mellieħa and KRPE are organising a ‘field trial’, a competition which will see hunters search for some 180 quails that had been bred in captivity, using their dogs to flush them out before shooting them.

An international jury will judge the kills and issue prizes for a number of categories, with a focus on the dogs’ performance and obedience, in line with international rules for field trials.

Regards Mark

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‘Stop The Slaughter’: Animal Rights Groups Insist Mellieħa Quail Hunting Contest Must Not Go Ahead (

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