New Zealand: Fonterra Orders An End To The Killing Of Bobby Calves On Dairy Farms.

I think we have shown in the past that the dairy industry is a grossly sick industry.  Cows, which should produce milk for their baby calves have it stolen from them in order to feed humans.

Above – Male Calf in Veal Crate.

In order to produce milk, cows must give birth to a calf. Male calves are generally considered a low-value waste product by the industry and as they do not replace female animals in the dairy herd are usually slaughtered at around five days of age. The RSPCA is concerned about the potential for poor treatment of these ‘bobby calves’ on farm, during transport and at slaughter.

For years in the past, British male calves were exported to Europe to be incarcerated in the dreaded veal crate system.  Despite the British government not allowing veal crates to be used in the UK; they were banned due to their cruelty, they did allow British calves to be exported and put into such systems in mainland Europe – was that not hypocritical ? !

Calves are normally separated from their mothers within 24 hours of birth, mainly to reduce the risk of disease in the calf and to ensure the calf is fed adequate colostrum. Cow-calf separation is a practice which is very stressful for both cow and calf.

The option: dont support the murder of baby calves.

New Zealand:

One of the world’s biggest dairy companies, a New Zealand-based co-operative orders an end to killing bobby calves on dairy farms

Fonterra has ordered its farmers to stop killing bobby calves on their farms unless there is a humane reason for doing so. The company said they should be raised for beef or slaughtered for calf-veal or the pet food market.

The mistreatment of bobby calves has previously come under scrutiny after being killed on farms because they had no financial value, and mistreated by contractors who picked them up to transport them to meat works.

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Fonterra orders an end to killing bobby calves on dairy farms |

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England: Another Terrible Loss – John Callaghan. – World Animals Voice

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