Day: May 23, 2023

EU: Are better broiler standards around the corner? Animal Equality’s petition to be discussed at the PETI Committee.

Are better broiler standards around the corner? Animal Equality’s petition to be discussed at the PETI Committee

23 May 2023

Animal Equality

Animal Equality has succeeded in submitting a petition in the PETI Committee of the European Parliament to outlaw fast-growing broiler breeds on the basis of incompatibility with EU law. The committee meeting will take place on May 24, and it’s critical that MEPs attend to vouch for the welfare of these innocent birds.

Across the EU, billions of broiler chickens (chickens bred for meat) are suffering. To support high levels of production on factory farms, they’re bred to grow extremely quickly, which leads to a range of severe health problems, including lameness and heart diseases.

Breeding these birds to grow this quickly is a direct threat to their welfare – and is an issue the EU must address. Fortunately, a great opportunity has been presented to do just that through the efforts of our member, Animal Equality, who has managed to get a petition in the PETI Committee of the European Parliament to ban the farming of fast-growing broilers across Europe. This could be a critical turning point for their future, so it’s vital that policymakers attend the meeting on May 24 to speak up for their welfare.

We’ve signed an open letter asking MEPs to show up for broiler chickens

For the petition to be taken seriously, MEPs must attend the committee meeting and support its goals. That’s why we – along with many NGOs including LAV, GAIA and AnimaNaturalis – have signed an open letter calling on them to take heed of this critical animal welfare issue. 

You can read it here.

This petition could make history for broiler chickens, and we hope that policymakers mobilise to change their future for the better. We look forward to the results.

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UK: The (UK) Government Plans to Extend the Ivory Act 2018 to Include Bans On Imports From Several More Species. Positive News.

UK ivory ban list to be extended to include five more species including hippos

Trading ivory from a hippopotamus, walrus, narwhal, killer whale and sperm whale will soon be made illegal, the Government has said.

The Ivory Act 2018 came into force last June to protect elephants and ban the import, export and dealing of their tusks.

But it will now be extended to cover five more species after it was revealed they are most at risk of ivory exploitation.

Hippos, walruses and sperm whales are all classed as vulnerable on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s red list.

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Hippos and killer whales among five more species to be added to ivory ban list | UK News | Sky News

The sale of ivory from the tusks and teeth of five more species will be banned under government plans.

The import, export and dealing of elephant ivory was banned in the UK last year. The animals that could join the list are killer whales, hippos, walruses, narwhals, and sperm whales.

The creatures are hunted and killed for their ivory which is often used in decorative carvings.

The government plans to extend the Ivory Act 2018 to include them.

People found to be breaking the law can be given unlimited fines or be jailed for five years.

Parliament must vote on the extension of the Act before it can come into force.

Ivory ban to extend to hippos and killer whales – BBC News

Ivory ban to be extended to five new species (

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