Day: May 13, 2023

England: Eurovision and Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill. Jo Lumley Tells Rishi To Get A Grip. !

I am starting off with a different gripe tonight.  Wednesday, I think it was, I sat through the second round of Eurovision song contest qualifiers.  After 4 songs, I went out to take some painkillers for my back; only then did I realise that actually they also helped me get through the rest of the qualifying songs:

My cat could probably write, and sing, something better.  The whole second qualifier was, well, rather bad in my opinion.  I had to throw the telly out of the window before the end.

But something I really cannot get a grip with is why Australia is taking part in the Eurovision song contest ? – Australia IS NOT part of Europe: so why are they in it ?

ausatralia part of europe – Search (

If you have a response, then please send it to

I found this – Why is Australia in Eurovision 2023? | What to Watch

So, gripe over, give me the Cure anytime.

On to more important things.

Joanne and I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Joanna at an animal rights event several years ago.

Joanna Lumley leads celebrities urging Rishi Sunak to keep animal welfare vows

The TV star leads a host of celebrities and animal welfare campaigners calling on the Government to deliver on its pledges about protecting animals and cracking down on abuse

Joanna Lumley leads celebrities urging Rishi Sunak to keep animal welfare vows – Mirror Online

Actress Dame Joanna Lumley today urges Rishi Sunak to keep Tory pledges on boosting animal welfare.

The Absolutely Fabulous star is among celebrities to sign a letter calling on the Prime Minister to deliver on Conservative promises made in 2021 – including to drive through new legislation to tackle abuse of animals and bolster protections.

Dame Joanna, 77, told the Mirror: “Animals are being utterly let down by the Government’s dismaying failure to deliver the plans it promised two years ago.

“I urge the Prime Minister to progress vital animal protection measures, including the Kept Animals Bill and a ban on the import of cruel fur, as a matter of the utmost importance.”

The letter, which was also signed by Pop Idol singer Will Young, TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher and Countdown’s Susie Dent, tells the Tory leader: “Britain prides itself on being a nation of animal lovers and in May 2021 the Government pledged to reinforce our country’s position ‘as a global champion of animal rights’ with the publication of its Action Plan for Animal Welfare.

“The plan promised the animal-loving British public it would deliver improvements in the lives and wellbeing of millions of animals.

“But two years on, we and the animals we care so deeply about have been badly let down.”

The current version of the legislation, the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill, is stuck in the Commons.

If passed, it aims to tackle cruel puppy smuggling, live exports, banning keeping monkeys as pets and improving zoo regulations.

But a separate letter from 25 animal charities and campaign groups tells the PM the legislation has “been left languishing as the Government’s Kept Animals Bill has not been given parliamentary time for over 17 months”.

It adds: “Our patience, and our trust, has now been exhausted.

“The Kept Animals Bill, and the majority of the Action Plan, now appears to be little more than an inconvenience to a government that believes it can quietly abandon its promises.

“Animal issues matter to voters.”

Humane Society International’s senior campaigns director Claire Bass said: “The Government’s apparent disinterest and unwillingness to deliver its own Action Plan for animals is frankly baffling.

“MPs tell us they receive more constituent correspondence calling for better animal protection than any other issue, so passing legislation like the Kept Animals Bill and a ban on fur imports should be an easy and obvious choice in terms of popular policy.

“But instead, we and animals are enduring endless delays, seemingly deprioritised by this Government despite huge public concern.

“We urge Mr Sunak to remember his party’s promises and start delivering the action that animals deserve and voters expect.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals vice-president Elisa Allen said: “Animals are in peril and the Government has seemingly abandoned them as time is running out for it to make good on its word.”

RSPCA chief executive Chris Sherwood claimed that “animals have been left in limbo by continued inaction on key animal welfare issues”.

Regards Mark

UK General Election in about 12 months – oh, and animal welfare people vote – so lets get moving !

Night boat to Eurovision.