UK: Will Their Be An ‘End the Cage Age’ Debate in London on 16/6; Or Does A Gutless Government Find More Excuses To Delay ?



WAV comment – with global governments not having the guts to tell the Chinese to clean up their act when it comes to livestock wet markets and the terrible abuses which we see all the time in China; and for which the whole planet is now suffering; we actually have doubts that the debate in UK Parliament scheduled for 16/3 to end caged animal farming will actually take place – after all, is it not more important to debate how to control the virus than go back to the Chinese and inform them that their lack of legislation regarding animal welfare legislation is the whole reason for the planet now being up to its neck in virus controls and regulations ?

Gutless governments who do not really want to raise the underlying issue for all these problems with the Chinese – lets see what happens in UK Parliament on 16 March, and if the issue is debated. Or will Coronavirus; take precedent over everything else once again as it has done for weeks.

We will watch and report on the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ debate in the next few days.


UK Government to Debate Ending The Cage Age!


This debate presents a historic opportunity to ramp up political pressure to end caged farming once and for all.


End the Cage Age Debate!

In March 2019 Viva! joined forces with animal protection organisations around the country to launch a parliamentary petition calling for an end to the cage age.

Over 16 million farmed animals are confined to cruel cages, in the UK, and unable to express many of their natural behaviours as a result. The response was overwhelmingly positive with more than 65,000 people signing the petition in its first two weeks. By securing over 107,000 signatures the petition triggered a parliamentary debate, which was unfortunately postponed due to the proroguing of Parliament in August 2019!

The government initially responded on 22 March 2019 by emphasising the successes of earlier campaign work to prohibit battery cages, sow stalls and veal crates, yet what they failed to recognise was the wealth of scientific evidence demonstrating how so-called ‘enriched cages’, farrowing crates and calf hutches continue to compromise welfare and are detrimental to the well-being of farmed animals.

Undercover investigators for Viva! Campaigns have filmed the shocking reality of our ‘high standards of husbandry’ time and time again, and urged the British public to Face Off against these industries. We’ve found between 40 to 80 egg-laying chickens crammed into cages that provide less than a postcard size of extra space than the banned battery cage; pigs confined to barren metal barred crates with little room to move forwards or backwards let alone turn around (much like the old sow stalls); and frightened unweaned calves, some well over the recommended eight weeks of age, housed alone in hard plastic hutches – many without ‘visual and tactile contact with other calves’.

The government’s disappointing response however came as no surprise when the current laws to protect farmed animals are few and far between. The regulatory system provides us no level of assurance and plans to increase the maximum penalty for animal cruelty from six months to five years leaves a lot to be desired when so many animal abusers walk free from court.

The petition will now finally be debated on 16 March 2020, presenting a historic opportunity to ramp up political pressure to end caged farming once and for all. Please call on your MP to join the debate and vote in favour of the ban!

The most powerful action you can take to end animal suffering, protect the environment and improve your health is to go vegan. For all the help and support you need to make the change see: 

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