England: 15 Minutes To Appreciate.



I was up real early this morning – like one of those days when you cannot sleep whatever.

I sat in the kitchen with a cup of tea and watched the sun appear out of the darkness into what would be a (weather wise) rather sunny and nice day here. We have some large trees at the end of the garden; and watching the sun show its face to illuminate them was something so very normal, but also beautiful to sit and watch. People take it for granted; but today for me was a treat. At that time of early morning there was a kind of tranquillity about the place; I had 15 minutes to escape the crap of Coronavirus and all the terrible abuses around the world that animals suffer and we, as WAV and SAV see each and every day, like many other campaigners, because governments have not got the nerve to tell the Chinese (or others) to change their attitude and approach to animals. Maybe it is needed in their own country, let alone overseas !

Sadly, tens of millions of animals confined in the worlds cages will never experience what I took as ‘another day’ of light and sun this morning.






Then it dawned on me – the sun that is; and another day started with regard trying to speak up for the innocent and voiceless. At least we can say our bit and show things to you; even if it results in no action by those in power. But remember, knowledge IS power; so don’t shut up being a voice for whatever your causes are – animals, human rights, the environment etc

I took a few (bad) shots of the new day dawn out of the window – they are nothing, just a ‘spur of the moment’ thing, but at that moment; they were kind of special; a joy to witness.


RS 1


All the birds started to appear for their breakfast; which was great to see.

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best – no money issues, no politicians, no Coronavirus – my ‘patch’ seemed at peace for a few minutes. If only the world could be like that ……….

Regards Mark.


give a shit



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