Portugal: mobile coffin crashed- 100 creatures dead


This Tuesday morning, on the N17-1 road, near the exit to the Industrial Area of ​​Alto do Padrão (between Miranda do Corvo and Lousã), a truck carrying pigs to the slaughterhouse collapsed, having been in the situation that you can see in the video. The driver of the vehicle, as far as we know, was not injured.

But the animals it carried, yes.

portugal jpg

We were unable to provide support as the road was closed. But we managed to register some images, so that everyone can see and hear the suffering of these animals. According to the information that arrived at the site, about 100 animals died.

But that was not all we found: the scene was of many dead pigs, but even more pigs in agony. Bleeding, with broken legs, with a broken spine, dying … an authentic Dante scene.

We also captured the moment when a guy repeatedly kicks a pig, so that it does not move away from the place where his brothers perished.



At the end of the day, more than 9 hours later, we returned to the place.

Some animals had already been taken, but many pigs were still there, clearly very injured.
A pig, probably with a broken spine, just fiddled with its nose in the dirt.
Another, with broken back legs, tried to get up and walk, succumbing and lying down again.

None of these animals were rescued to end their suffering.
These animals were more than 9 hours to be removed from the site.

And make no mistake: they were not rescued, as they will still be killed.

Deniz Rehklau


My comment: The driver almost always remains unharmed with every transport accident involving animals.
How can one believe in justice and God when half of the coffin hangs in the abyss and the coffin leader still escapes alive?

If we had 100 dead truck drivers instead of 100 dead pigs each year during animal transports, that might be a reason not to have any more.
Only in this case will be the business no longer profitable.

The animals are slaughtered anyway, a few less are calculated as losses on each trip.

When do we finally say stop? until here and not further? WHEN?

My best regards to all, Venus

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