Lebanon: Appeal To Help Abandoned and Coronavirus Affected Animals Due To Go Into Sanctuary; Who Now Cannot – Please Help.



You Are Our Lifeline!


WAV Comment – 18/3     – I have just donated to Animals Lebanon to try to help them with the crisis they are facing.   I ask you please to give something if you are able;






Dear Supporters,

With Lebanon’s crippling economic crisis and severe bank restrictions – and now Coronavirus – the situation is desperate.

Planned fundraising events have been cancelled since October when the nationwide protests started.



Costs for food, supplies and veterinary care have risen by more than 30%. People are abandoning their pets due to this sudden inflation. Others have dumped their pets due to misconception about Coronavirus.





Two bears, a lion, a hyena and a wallaby were all on their way to sanctuaries. These animals are now stuck as the airlines stop flights.

Despite all hardships, saving animals never stops, and we need you now more than ever.

We have updated our website to accommodate all kind of donations

Supporters in Lebanon can donate online in LBP or USD here

International supporters can donate through PayPal here – Note that you MUST write ‘Animals Lebanon’ on the PayPal page where it asks ‘Add special instructions to the seller’.

We are not stopping but we need significant help to get through this situation.
You are our lifeline.


The following are links to 2 different ways that you can donate:






























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