EU: “If you do nothing to solve a problem, you are part of the problem yourself”.


Tiertransport-Kaelber-AA`s pg

Last night, 42 MEPs sent a letter to the EU Commission. Many animal transports have been at the border for hours as a result of the border closure measures in the context of the Covid 19 virus across borders by drivers, zookeepers and border guards.

To stop animal suffering, we call on the Commission to:

-Suspension of all exports of live farm animals by land and sea to non-EU countries
-Suspension of all live livestock transports on journeys of more than 8 hours between Member States
-Ensure rapid communication between senior veterinarians and national contact points to help organizers of cattle breeding events, avoid long queues at border crossings or refuse entry through certain countries.

Click to access Covid-19-and-cross-border-transport-of-live-animals.pdf

Good news!
The 🚚🚚 traffic jams on the border with Poland have resolved and the handling of 🐮🐷 animal transports is, according to our information, running relatively smoothly again. Nevertheless, the long transport routes mean agony for the animals.

This suffering must finally end!
Support our petition: ✍️

Polen Grenze

And I mean…A MEP`s initiative that is very commendable.
The letter is important for the following reason: The pressure on the unsuitable commission comes from the own circles. That is the only reason why it can work!

As with animal transports, the EU has offered nothing in this crisis. To put it very clearly, it is totally “out” and it is nowhere in demand.

But now internal pressure is being used, now the EU has to react to save its internal status, and maybe the good news of the normalization of animal transport to Poland is thanks to this letter.

At least the risk of infection that could arise inside the trucks and the generation of new bacteria is something that should force the EU to act.


My best regards to all, Venus

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