Austria: where is the animal protection law?

Association against animal factories (VGT) reveals: Scandalous cowshed in Lower Austria, cattle sink in the droppings!



Completely dirty floor, dirty drinking troughs, totally smeared with droppings in the milking compartment – VGT files a complaint about cruelty to animals.

The corona virus must not be an excuse to neglect animals. The VGT reveals scandalously unsanitary conditions in a dairy farm in Lower Austria and reports for cruelty to animals!

Photos published by the association show an incredible state. All dairy cows and calves are in the deep, liquid droppings with which the entire barn is strewn.
The various departments are separated by electric fences, the generators of which are completely filthy with manure.

And the drinking water provided in tubs is a cloudy droppings.
But it looks the worst in the milking parlor.
There are all the furnishings, but also the milking machines and the walls, sprayed with feces.

Due to the legal restrictions on movement due to the corona pandemic, the VGT could not personally confront the owners of this business with the photos and ask for an end to the grievances. Instead, a notification has now been filed with the responsible authority.


VGT chairman Martin Balluch is horrified: “We are already used to a lot in animal welfare, but the conditions on this farm are really shocking.
How can something like that happen? How is it possible that the keepers of cows get the barn so dirty without doing anything about it? How can they voluntarily go to such a milking parlor?
And who, please, wants to consume such milk? Corona virus or not, the authority must intervene quickly in this case! “


And…I’ve seen it very often.
I have been living in the High Black Forest for over 20 years and know this horrible type of person, the farmer, very well. With us, the farmers do it even if they leave the animals in an open stable.

There are usually 10 to 12 turbo cows in a very small open space that is immediately filled with feces because the cows only have this small piece available. And are mostly chained.
Chain connection is legal in Germany.

The animals stay there for days until someone notices that they are in their shit and have no water. Only I notice it.
The veterinary office always responds very well and quickly, they know me.
I take photos and print them on paper. Not on the phone, not on the camera.

Then I go to the office with paragraphs, the authority only understands paragraphs. And mostly it works.
They do not give penalties, the animals are simply brought next door and the farmer becomes more careful.

Until the next animal abuse.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Austria: where is the animal protection law?”

  1. I want people like these torturers and killers to disappear from this planet. I don’t care if they get carried away by covid19, or some other infectious disease, or some Chronic Non-communicable disease- all these diseases exist because of those people who torture and kill animals.


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