The Humble Pangolin’s Heartbreaking Tale.

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The humble pangolin’s heartbreaking tale.

Were you to follow the life of a pangolin, you’d begin life riding around the jungle clinging to your mother’s scaly tail, eating ants, climbing trees and generally keeping yourself to yourself.

When danger approached she’d wrap you under her tummy, forming a barrier impenetrable to bear claws and tiger teeth alike – a technique that’s kept pangolins alive since the dinosaurs disappeared.

But from then – if you were like over 1,000,000 others in the last 20 years – you’d be headed for a whole new world of horror.

You’d enter the world of humans.

It would begin as you curled up in fear at the sound of approaching human footsteps. Exploiting your inability to fight or flee, the owner of those footsteps would pick you up, imprison you, and proceed to trade your existence to a wildlife dealer.

You’d then be frozen and shipped across the world to have your corpse floated in wine or caged alive outside a restaurant ready to be slaughtered at a dinner table in front of wealthy diners hoping to impress their guests.

Your scales – just like those of your mother you clung to – would be ripped from your body, ground to a powder and uselessly consumed as a mythical medicine


Joint operation leads to three arrests, 7 tonnes of pangolin scales seized

Almost every step of this obliteration of your species would be formulated and facilitated by networks of ruthless traffickers, fattening their purses at the expense of pangolin after pangolin after pangolin after pangolin.

This has to end – we must bring this crooked industry down.

Friend, you took our survey to support pangolins, so I know you’re passionate about saving these creatures. That’s why I want to ask you to make an urgent £25 donation today.

Your £25 could help support undercover operatives taking on those traffickers and putting them where they belong – prison. That way we can bring down the barbaric networks and save countless pangolin lives.

So please donate now, because unless we act – unless we end this spiral of utter destruction – it will be ended for us. By extinction.

Kind regards,
Mark Todd

PS With the rate of slaughter so unbearably high, the clock is ticking. Please send whatever you can afford. We do not have much time to turn this dreadful situation around, and save elephants from total extinction.

Regards Mark

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