Day: March 1, 2022

Hunting license in Germany – the fairy tale of the “Green Abitur”

Hunters always claim that they are the sole “experts” for wildlife and nature conservation, that they only have the “expertise” because only they have the so-called “Green Abitur”.
Let’s take a closer look at this “hunter training”.

Anyone in Germany over the age of 16 can register, there is no upper age limit.
Only an entry-free police clearance certificate is required. Any prior training to obtain a hunting license is otherwise not required.
Not even a high school diploma is a requirement.
Most of the candidates for a hunting license have hardly any relation to the future field of activity.

Hunting training is already available today in a two-week course, and sometimes even a pass guarantee is advertised.
Training amounts to 120 to a maximum of 180 training hours.

In the courses of the district hunting associations, which last several weeks, the number of hours does not increase as a result.The majority of the subject matter falls on the subjects of gun law, hunting law, weapon handling, hunting dogs, hunting methods, customs, “care” for later animal use or the like.

The actual nature conservation, ecological and wild animal biology teaching units are usually reduced to well under a third of the total teaching hours.
This is just enough to deal with the animals that you want to hunt in a kind of rough profile – comparable to prepared lay knowledge from pharmacy booklets.

Elementary basic biological knowledge that would be required to understand the complex relationships in flora and fauna remain largely unknown to those with a hunting license.

In this milieu there is a lack of any required knowledge about wild animals, their social ecology, interaction, ethology, population biology and so on.
The exam questions are dealt with in a multiple-choice procedure.
The individual surveys are compiled from a catalog of questions that can be downloaded anywhere on the internet together with the answers.
Some have to be answered orally.
It is even reported that a “certificate of expertise in nature conservation” was also attested to hunting license examiners who failed orally.

Even the shooting skills that are taught are often not sufficient to hit an animal deadly in every situation.

Further training is voluntary in all areas.
Among other things, the following is offered: trap hunting courses, courses on how to hunt foxes in the den, how to attract animals, crow hunting seminars, high seat construction.

All areas related to the direct hunting and killing of animals.
Training courses on wildlife biology, species or nature conservation are almost never found.

Let’s make it clear: the hunting license is enough for leisurely killing of animals, which is often painful.
And to achieve an impressive arrogance towards the lives of others.

In his book: “Hunters where?” the hunter Bruno Hespeler writes the following about the training of hunters:

“Let’s think about whose knowledge we claim for ourselves – even if only in certain areas: zoologists, biologists, ecologists, veterinarians, qualified foresters, qualified farmers, zookeepers, lawyers and gunsmiths.
Each of these professions requires a training period of between six and ten years.
Farming and forestry, for example, is inevitably dealt with in many young hunter courses over four or five evenings plus a hike in the woods… Overall, the lessons are anyway based on the most likely test questions, not on well-founded basic knowledge.”

So who are we to believe that hunting is a contribution to the ecosystem?
Definitely not a hunter.
The hunting license is only enough to kill.

And I mean…We all know- hunting is murder.
It is unproductive and does not regulate wild animals, as hunters claim over and over again.

It is estimated that up to 10 million wild animals, dwellers such as deer, wild boar, foxes, but also several hundred thousand cats and dogs are ruthlessly and stealthily killed while hunting each year; the number of unreported cases is said to be far higher.

Many of the wild animals die a painful death because they suffer serious gunshot wounds from hobby hunters, but are still able to escape.
Hunters still enjoy privileges; Although the protection of animals has been enshrined in the German Basic Law since 2002, hunting law has not yet been adapted to the state goal of animal protection.

This is thanks to a powerful hunting lobby that ignores wildlife ecological, ethnological and cognitive-biological findings as well as the changed social attitude towards hunting.

The only reason one goes hunting is because it gives pleasure and gratification to one’s urges.
Speaking of urges: pedophilia and rape are not socially accepted either.
And those who can’t control their urges here receive psychological therapy or are locked away.

Nor is the killing of animals as a hobby accepted by the majority of the population.

My best regards to all, Venus

The Munich Philharmonic is now Russian free!!

Do you remember?
Exactly 4 days ago, on February 26, the Western press broke the news about the imminent dismissal of the Russian and chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra Valery Gergief if he does not want to renounce Russian politics.

Gergiev has since been thrown out. His offense: he did not comment!
As of today, the Philharmonie is free of Russians.
In order not to miss the circular conclusion to the “classic”, so one can say that something like this is a “fascist classic”.

At first glance, one might think that the unwanted Russian conductor Valeri Gergiev could now feel like a Jew in Munich in the 1930s.
Surely that’s pure exaggeration, but it’s guaranteed that Valerie Gergiev will soon think about whom to click his heels in the future.

Valery Gergiyev, Chief Conductor of the Mariinsky Theatre, with the symphony orchestra at Moscow’s Zaryadye Concert Hall – May 2, 2021

The artist agency that represented Gergiev canceled the contract with him.
“In the light of the criminal war waged by the Russian regime against the democratic and independent nation of Ukraine, and against the open European society as a whole, it has become impossible and clearly undesirable for us to represent Maestro Gergiyev’s interests.” said the head of the agency.
And with that, the highest level of mental shallowness in this banana republic has been reached.

Munich has always been an interesting place for Nazis.
This has apparently not changed to this day, although this time fascism is making its debut in a different neo-dress.

By the way: an Edeka supermarket branch manager in Kiel (Northern Germany) also drew the “right” conclusions and banned Russian President Putin from his shop: “No beer for Putin and nothing else either!”

Putin will tremble when there is such missionary zeal for sanctions against Russia!