Day: March 21, 2022

England: Fur News Latest From ‘Respect For Animals’.

Fur News – From Mark and the crew at ‘Respect for Animals’, Nottingham England.

Respect for Animals | Campaign against animal fur – Fur for Animals

Anger as UK government set to break promise to ban fur

Read more:

Anger as UK government set to break promise to ban fur | Respect for Animals

Bill to end fur farming passes Ireland’s Dáil

Read more:

Bill to end fur farming passes Ireland’s Dáil | Respect for Animals

Dolce&Gabbana goes fur-free

Read more:

Dolce&Gabbana goes fur-free | Respect for Animals

Italy to ban fur farming in 2022!

Read more:

Italy to ban fur farming in 2022! | Respect for Animals

Regards Mark

England: Punk Hair Baby Heron Dude !

Pictures supplied by friend Pauline; which we want to share with you.

She says:

Took these photos of 2 branchlings (baby herons) last week at a Sevenoaks Wildlife reserve (Kent, England).

Four nests high in the trees.

One unoccupied. Two with females laying on eggs (presuming on the eggs) and one with the female and two young.

I love the punk hair on the youngster – see first photo particularly !

Regards Mark

butbutbutbutbut … Seriously, is Chris the best you’ve got?!? You’ve got to be kidding…

With thanks to Stacey as always; Regards Mark

Sadly, we know you’re not kidding, but imagine being so proudly opposed to decreasing suffering that you honestly believe Chris is your weapon-of-choice against veganism. What an absolute clown, to boast you don’t eat “veal” or cats, but eating other victims, including dairy victims, is what – ? An exercise in demonstrating how absolutely absurd and desperate you are to continue causing unimaginable suffering. And, please, tobacco, alcohol, driving, etcetcetc., ad nauseum, don’t REQUIRE victims, but ALL animal exploitation is related and fuels “other” animal exploitation, and it ALL requires victims, including their suffering and violent death.

And feigning indignation while being morally outraged at the perceived “equality towards human animals and non-human animals” is inherently based in the “meat eaters” comparison of human and non-human animals, not vegans’: yes, Chris, YOU’RE making the comparison, it’s only “problematic” when you think vegans are equating them, and I know this because, for example, except for vegans, nobody EVER criticizes nonvegans who benefit from equating nonhuman animals with human animals, but then arbitrarily dismiss similarities to attempt to justify animal suffering and violent death, like vivisectionists do, or animal farmers who claim to care about animals more than their own children but then kill and eat the same animals anyway. And if you don’t eat “veal” (ie, calves, unprofitable casualties of the dairy industry that you DO support and celebrate) because eating infants is “cruel”, are you then guilty of comparing calves to humans, equalizing them? Or is that argument only acceptable when YOU use it in some asinine dimension where you actually make sense?

And what in the AF is a “militant” vegan? One who challenges your cruel behaviours. Right? Like a “militant” opposed to FGM or a “militant” opposed to wrongful incarceration or a “militant” opposed to violence? “Militant” is how animal consumers treat their animal victims: body violation and intrusion, separation of child from mother, and concluding the animal’s brief life of exploitation with violent death. THAT’S “militant”. How people like Chris can use the word “militant” to describe people who DON’T violate, abuse, and kill others is astounding, that he and others don’t recognize their own hypocrisy surrounding their abusively MILITANT actions inflicted on animals is absolutely bizarre.

And COME. ON. Really? Animals are killed in better ways than humans? Are you determined to look as rational as the crusty grossness on the bottoms of your shoes? You’re not only threatened by decency but by logic, too? You have the privileged audacity and human supremacist position of NEVER EVER EVER having to experience a forced violent, terrorizing death in a slaughterhouse for people to eat you.

Were you one of the ones left behind??? Just by odds you should have at least hit one good point by now, but that you haven’t leads me to believe that you evading logic and facts so consistency must be one of your invented superpowers. I mean, effing yikes, Chris.

In a globally indoctrinated, normalized violent world that acceptably causes and celebrates incalculable suffering and death of animals, don’t be a Chris. Be an Ed. Or look like an idiot because any baby vegan could destroy Chris’s clumsy and mindless argument, and when you don’t actually have a legitimate answer, falling back on the BuT i cAn kILl BeCAuSe pErSOnaL cHOicE is a tired, overused, irrational trope. JFC. Seriously. SL

    Source Earthling Ed YouTube

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