Venus says goodbye…

Dear Mark, dear followers
and other visitors of this blog,

while Europe is militantly but unsuspectingly engaged in witch hunts against Russia, the animal rights scene proves once again how immature and politically manipulable it is.
Those who do not write, speak or act against Russia set alarm bells ringing in their fellow human beings.

We, the so-called animal rights activists, have always said that “only freedom is species-appropriate”.

At the moment, however, it affects the freedom of people who think differently politically, because it is usually much easier to immediately label them as slobs, lateral thinkers, Nazis and other “pests of the people” if they do not subscribe to the one, global opinion.

It is to despair.
Nowhere else can one evade the officially ordered and submissively accepted dictatorship of opinion.
Like brain damage, this pathology is rampant!

What the heck… with so much maniputation at the political level and obedience at the popular level, we can no longer get it on the right track.

So I say goodbye to this blog and hope that this madness will end soon.
It prevents you and all of us from caring for the animals and their rights, since human freedom has become shit anyway.

My best regards to all, Venus

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