Day: April 4, 2022

England: 71% of People Think Causing Pain and Suffering to Animals is Wrong, Animal Aid Poll Shows.

Posted on the 4th April 2022

A recent ‘One Poll’, commissioned by Animal Aid, has shown that the majority of people believe that it is always wrong to cause animals pain and suffering.

The poll asked the question, “Is it ever acceptable to cause pain and suffering to animals?”, to which 71% of people answered “no”. The results show, as Animal Aid suspected, that most people ‘want to be kind’ but are seemingly unaware that there are many things we do on a daily basis that cause animals pain and suffering – for the food we eat, for entertainment, in the wild, and in laboratories.

Most people wouldn’t dream of harming animals, but our daily actions can cause animals huge amounts of pain and suffering – from the food we eat, the entertainment we choose to attend, and from the products we buy and use.

What can you do ?

Animal Aid (

In the second episode of our brand-new podcast, Conversations on Compassion, our hosts interview XCellR8 co-founder, Dr Carol Treasure about her journey into living with compassion. We learn everything from what inspired Carol on her journey, to the ethical implications of some scientific language – and if there’s such thing as an average day in the lab! Take a listen now

On Sunday 24th April it’s World Day for Animals in Laboratories and we’ll also be sharing some facts about some of the animals who currently suffer in laboratories – so keep an eye on our social media!

It has been hard to ignore the Cheltenham festival, which this year claimed the lives of four horses. Ahead of the Grand National, we’re asking people to support horses by not betting.

If you’re out and about in London, see if you can spot our adverts on London buses, a reminder that horse racing is a dead sport. We’d love to see your pictures, so do share these with us on social media – and be sure to tag us so we can see them!

This week, we’ll visit London, Bristol and Liverpool (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively) with our ‘ad-vans’. These will host mobile screenings of our brand-new film “71%”, narrated by the fantastic Benjamin Zephaniah – poet, author, musician and legend. You can watch the full film here!

Enjoy a compassionate Easter with animal-friendly treats for every bunny! 🐰

Find truffle-filled eggs, zesty chocolate bunnies, deliciously dark chocolate hens, white chocolate treats and much more! All proceeds go towards our work to help animals. 🙏

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We want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported our campaign to #BanSnares! Together we have reached the target of 100,000 signatures – a month ahead of the deadline! We’ll update you with more details of this campaign in due course.

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The Animal Aid team!

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Enjoy ol Vic – a British icon:

UK: What Do You Believe ? – Trophy Hunting Import Ban To Become Law Soon; But Foie Gras and Fur Imports Questionable. The Fight Continues.

WAV Comment: I have included 2 articles here for your review. As an Englishman (Brit); I feel that it would be political suicide if the UK government betrayed the animal welfare targets and promises which it made. On a positive note, (see second article), it would appear that the trophy hunting import ban will be brought forward in coming months – this parliamentary session, which would see the Bill becoming law.

But bans on the import of foie gras and fur items seem a little more uncertain; with politicians such as ‘rich boy’ Jacob Rees-Mogg and others opposing such actions. At the end of the day, the next UK national (General) elections to form the next government will be held on 23 Jan 2025. This gives us plenty of time to remind politicians of the cruelties involved with foie gras and fur production; and to continue pushing for the bans, regardless of the Rees-Mogg’s !

Tory half wit Rees Mogg objects to foie gras and fur import bans.

Regards Mark

The British government must lead the way on animal welfare

Wildlife campaigners including Duncan McNair, Peter Egan and Stanley Johnson call on the government to keep its manifesto commitment to an animals abroad bill, targeting cruel and unethical tourism

The British government must lead the way on animal welfare | Letters | The Guardian

We are concerned by reports of the government abandoning its manifesto commitments to an animals abroad bill (Tory row as law barring import of hunting trophies set to be axed, 14 March).

Quite apart from the welcome promise of an end to trophy hunting imports, the bill’s other leading measures are greeted across parties and the whole country. These include a ban on domestic advertising of venues abroad where elephants and other endangered species – big cats, apes, bears, dolphins – suffer extreme brutality in tourism, with the UK market taking a shameful lead.

Crucially, the bill would steer the market towards ethical tourism, throwing a lifeline to many endangered species and countering claims that cruel exploitation by rides, tricks, games and hunting provide important revenue to certain countries. The 1,000 and more UK-based operators promoting this cruelty contribute nothing to protect humans or animals at these venues. Nor, apparently, have any ethical improvements been made during pandemic downtime.

It is in the government’s own interests to take a principled lead over other nations and introduce the bill, restoring a fair claim to be showing the way on animal welfare.
Duncan McNair Save The Asian Elephants, Sonul Badiani-Hamment Four Paws UK, Claire Bass Humane Society International UK, Paul Christian Protect All Wildlife, Peter EganStanley Johnson Patron, Conservative Animal Welfare FoundationAndy Knott CEO, League Against Cruel Sports, Steve McIvor World Animal Protection, Maria Mossman Action for Elephants UK, David Neale Animals Asia Foundation, Ingrid Newkirk PetaNick Palmer Compassion in World Farming UK, Ian Redmond Ecoflix

Regards Mark


UK trophy hunting import ban to be brought forward | Hunting | The Guardian

UK trophy hunting import ban to be brought forward

Unpopular bans on imports of fur and foie gras yet to be introduced, says George Eustice

A trophy hunting import ban will be brought forward in coming months despite opposition from Conservative backbenchers, the environment secretary has said.

George Eustice told animal welfare campaigners of the commitment after rumours that a bill banning the import of parts of endangered animals shot abroad had been stopped. The trophy hunting import ban was a Tory manifesto commitment for this parliamentary session.

Eustice said the government was “absolutely committed to” bringing the bill forward.

The government has said the bill has been delayed, claiming parliament does not have enough time this session to pass the law. Eustice said it would be a priority piece of legislation when the new session opens later in spring.

“While we won’t be introducing the animals abroad bill in this session as we are out of time, we will be looking at a range of vehicles for legislation on these important issues in the next session,” said Eustice.

However, he added that the pledged bans on imports of fur and foie gras, which have been hugely unpopular with backbenchers including Jacob Rees-Mogg, are not a sure thing.

Eustice said: “I know you’re probably going to ask me what’s going to happen on fur and foie gras but I can’t do that today.” Government sources have said the proposed bans are to be stripped from the animals abroad bill. Instead, they will likely have to be brought forward as private members’ bills, sponsored by individual MPs, and will no longer be a Conservative party commitment.

Above: Musician and animal campaigner; Brian May.

Queen guitarist and animal welfare campaigner Brian May said he was disappointed by the government weakening animal welfare legislation.

He told the Guardian: “I am disappointed. I’m always disappointed when it comes to animal welfare bills. We need to look at our attitude when it comes to animals – there’s so much talk by this government, they’re always making grand promises, but there’s so little action. Time and time again legislation which would protect animals is torpedoed. Or they take bits out and make it toothless and not fit for purpose.”

Regards Mark

Foie Gras production in Europe. It has been banned in the UK but the UK still imports it !! – and fur ? – no UK fur farming but still imported from overseas. We want bans on all by January 2025; or the government will pay with votes (lack of) big time.

OMG, the moral outrage!!!

When these Londoners were asked to try a new milk, they were more than happy to offer praise for the creamy drink, but when a disturbing “fact” about the milk was revealed, everything changed. People were disgusted when they were told that the drink (which was actually soya milk) came from a dog. But if the thought of drinking dogs’ milk makes you feel ill, why drink the milk from any other animal?

After all, there is nothing “normal” about artificially inseminating a cow and forcing her to give birth, only to tear her beloved calf away from her so that the milk that nature intended for her baby can be consumed by humans instead. Humans are the only species on the planet to drink another animal’s milk, and cows’ milk is no more natural for us than dogs’ or rats’ milk would be.


So, if you “accidentally” drank dog’s milk, or cat’s milk, would you be angry? Pissed off? Morally outraged? You’re not the victim who’s forcibly impregnated, separated from her infants, and then violently killed.


Did you know there are actual industry video shorts on how to “safely” steal a calf from her mother, to protect the kidnapper from an angry and fearful mother trying to SAVE HER CHILD? Yeah, it’s all about how violent cows can be and how the farmer is just the innocent bystander risking bodily injury to nobly take an infant SO HUMANS CAN DRINK THE CALVES’ NATURALLY-INTENDED MILK INSTEAD.

What would YOU do if someone tried to take your child?

But what if, say, dogs were farmed for their flesh and for their breastmilk? Would that be ok? I mean, people say ALL THE TIME how much they love animals, but eat them, and farmers always say they care for the animals better than their own kiddos and then kill them. Right? Effing yikes.

So what about love for Fido or Fluffy or Lassie or Benji? Can you show THEM how much you care?

Find out more about this unique and dog-lover owned business venture at Elwood’s Organic Dog Meat

I bet you can also hear Sam Elliot proclaiming, “Dog. He’s what’s for dinner………………..”

(Be aware that due to some negative feedback they’ve received, ie., angry messages, hostile tweets, violent phone calls, death threats … they are monitoring their feedback more frequently, but want to let you know how important dogs are to them, and how much they love dogs like you love pigs, chickens, cows, lambs, so please keep an open mind and remember this is all for the love of animals.)


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