Day: April 18, 2022

Northern Ireland: Belfast residents ‘sad but happy’ to see elephants leaving zoo.

© Shauna Corr The elephants are both in their 40s and not in any breeding programmes

People across Northern Ireland had plenty to say after we broke the news Belfast Zoo elephants Yhetto and Dhunja will soon be packing their trunks.

The rescues, both in their 40s, were given sanctuary at the attraction after years working in the entertainment and logging industries.

But now management at the zoo say they are being relocated after a decision was taken to phase the species out of the zoo’s animal collection.

Read more: Belfast Zoo to ‘phase out’ elephants

And the move has been met with a mixed reaction.

Many told Belfast Live they are delighted for them, and hope they find an elephant sanctuary where they can “roam freely and enjoy the company of other elephants” while others said they’ll be sad to see them go.

“I hope they find a retirement home where they can live out a comfortable life,” one person commented.

Another added: “Hopefully, they’ll send them to the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary where they can live out their lives wandering the hills of Tennessee, swimming in a lake and just being elephants.”

“Sad but happy to see the elephants go,” said a third.

The size of the elephant enclosure in Belfast was also a recurring theme, with one person telling us “the elephants were the ones that confirmed my decision to never go back – they looked broken”.

“A zoo only serves its purpose if the animals are suitable for the space they are in and not to mention climate and resources to look after them well,” another comment read.

While another said in their opinion “the area they are kept in is far too small, no pool for them to bathe, and very little interaction with other animals. They are an intelligent animal, its cruel keeping them in a shoe box confinement”.

Others praised the zoo for rescuing Yhetto and Dhunja and stopping them from “being abused”.

A zoo supporter said: “Do people not understand these animals where abused most of their lives and due to the trauma they suffered it will always cause them to sway and shuffle… Why not let the poor girls live the rest of their lives at our zoo!”

“Those that work there are passionate about animal welfare – I trust their decisions are in the best interest of the animals,” added another.

“I just hope wherever they are moved to has a larger enclosure for them and more enrichment. It is so depressing seeing them at Belfast zoo. Yes, it is a sanctuary compared to where they were before, but still totally inadequate.”

A Belfast City Council spokesperson said they meet all animal welfare standards and have provided the highest level of care for Yhetto and Dhunja who they took in as “the zoo has provided a sanctuary for older non-breeding female elephants in recent years”.

“The very difficult decision has been made to phase out elephants from the zoo’s future animal collection plan,” they added.

“Dhunja and Yhetto will be transferred together to another zoo in future, and we are working closely with the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria to identify the best possible new home for them.”

Belfast residents ‘sad but happy’ to see elephants leaving zoo (

Regards Mark

USA: Avian Flu Kills Millions of Birds By Shutdown; Gov. Kim Reynolds Says Its A Disaster When It Affects Human Profit – We Say, What About the Birds ?

With thanks as always to Stacey at ‘Our Compass’:

Avian Flu kills millions, Gov Kim Reynolds says it’s a “disaster” only when it affects human profit, but it’s ALWAYS A DISASTER for animals who are brutalized and tortured | Our Compass (

The video which is posted here must be seen by as many people as possible.

“Lies, deception and intimidation” – don’t think so; so the truckloads of dead birds being hauled away after gruesome deaths to be converted into compost is footage of ‘lies and deception’ is it ? – we suggest the clown who says this in the video gets in touch with the real world of abuses and Iowa state factory farming which is forever making the news for all the wrong reasons. 

HE is the one who needs to distance himself from political lies, deception and intimidation.  (I am in England so not certain of peoples positions) but would guess then that he is probably an Iowa state politician who voted for ag gag and who does not want the real truth to come out.  Sorry chum, but you are living in your pathetic world of the dim and distant past; people have no respect any more for you or those of your kind. 

You may still consider yourself very important, but we look at you in another light; that of the abuser who wants to sweep his abuses under the carpet and keep them hidden.  The reality which you dismiss under your pathetic terms is now fortunately being exposed to the world, and will continue to be exposed to the world.  Get a grip; or even better, resign. Old fossils belong in the ground, not parliaments.

Regards Mark

There is a saying, and that is:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it!”

– Denis Gabor

Avian Flu kills millions, Gov Kim Reynolds says it’s a “disaster” only when it affects human profit, but it’s ALWAYS A DISASTER for animals who are brutalized and tortured

Source Direct Action Everywhere (DxE):




This Iowa farm just killed 5 million birds during an outbreak of avian flu, and we documented the horrific aftermath of the mass killing, including birds left behind after surviving “ventilation shutdown.”

Taxpayer dollars paid for the farm’s last mass killing after infectious disease ran rampant in 2015. Now, the farm’s billionaire owner, former Senator Glen Taylor, who also owns the Minnesota Timberwolves and Star Tribune, may be getting bailed out once again despite posing a public health threat.

(Because billionaires have a lot of money, you’ll support them having more money to reward their putrid, disgusting actions causing unimaginable suffering?

Would you trust Glen with your cat? I don’t trust Glen with dirt – look at the abysmal mess he’s made out of it already, but he’s old so he doesn’t care that his legacy is cesspools of bacteria, pus, and decomp poisoning a world – much less a live being capable of pain and misery.

Just because the Timberwolves team sucks is no reason to take it out on vulnerable, defenseless animals, who, by their very nature of vulnerability and as acceptably abused by humans, deserve the MOST care and empathy, which excludes exploiting them in any way. SL)

Learn more about Direct Action Everywhere:

(Because not caring about animal suffering doesn’t preclude the effects your abusive behaviour has on Planet Earth, which affects everyone. SL)

Support the right to rescue animals from harm

(Because if someone stole your dog, intent on killing and eating her, what would you do to save her? SL)

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