UK: Snares Petition – You Did It; 100,000+; So Now A Debate On The Issue In Parliament.

Great news to start Monday – together we have achieved the necessary 100,000 petition signatures required for the House of Commons (UK Parliament) to hold a debate on the issue of snares.  When we have news on a date being set and necessary actions, you will be informed via this site.

Well done everyone – you did it !

Regards Mark

Dear Mark,

Snares petition – you did it!!!

A huge thank you to the 100,000 plus compassionate and dedicated people who signed our government petition to ban snares – and to everyone who helped spread the word about the petition. Absolutely amazing work!

Our heartfelt gratitude, too, to all the groups – right across the spectrum – who have supported and helped the campaign, as well as the high-profile public figures, like Chris Packham, Peter Egan and Deborah Meaden, who also called for a ban on snares. 

Having secured 100,000 signatures, we are now awaiting confirmation from the government on the date for the debate on snares. Ahead of the debate, we now need to quickly turn our attention to gaining political support: we need as many MPs as possible to support the campaign before the end of this parliamentary session.

Please take two minutes to contact your MP.

Thank you so much – from me, and from all the team.

Fiona – Animal Aid; Kent England. (WAV Home County !)

Website –

Past WAV information on this:

Search Results for “snares” – World Animals Voice

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