Day: May 10, 2022

UK: Boris Johnson (Prime Minister) ‘dumps animal cruelty pledges’ and makes another U turn from Queen’s Speech to please right-wingers – Rees Mogg and Co.

Leading the way or being led by the tail of the dog ? – Boris Johnson does another U turn this time on Fur imports and Foie Gras. Wonder he can walk in a straight line without making a U turn !

WAV Comment – well we all know how to vote at the next General Election don’t we ? – as if the grilling of the Tories in the local elections in the last week is not sending them the message that people don’t trust them; now we seem to have this; a U turn on animal welfare issues and anti cruelty campaigns as supported by the vast majority of the British public; issues now in doubt due to a gutless PM swayed by self opinionated snob Tory MP and his no doubt Foie Gras eating cronies who just stick their middle finger up to the millions of British voters who want to see a drastic change on these issues.

Does the dog wag the tail, or the tail wag the dog ? – something wags Boris Johnson.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, we hate you and everything about you.


Boris Johnson ‘dumps animal cruelty pledges’ from Queen’s Speech to please right-wingers

The Prime Minister had pledged to ban imports of foie gras and fur – but both are said to have been dropped from the Animals Abroad Bill ahead of the speech, after the PM caved to complaining Tory ministers

Boris Johnson has dumped his promise to tackle animal cruelty in the Queen’s Speech, it has been reported.

The Prime Minister had pledged to ban imports of foie gras and fur.

But both are said to have been dropped from the Animals Abroad Bill ahead of the speech, after the PM caved to complaining Tory ministers.

Jacob Rees Mogg – Tory MP and ANTI Foie Gras ban leader – probably eats a lot with his ‘supper friends’.

It’s claimed Cabinet ministers, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, Commons leader Mark Spencer and Scotland Secretary Alister Jack, moaned banning cruel food and clothing was “fundamentally unconservative”.

It’s already illegal to produce foie gras and farm fur in the UK.

But the UK imports around 200 tonnes of the pate a year, mainly from France and Spain where it is made by force-feeding geese and ducks until their liver grows to several times its normal size.

Campaigners – including a recent intervention by After Life starts Ricky Gervais and Peter Egan – have long called for a ban on products coming from overseas.

In February, Gervais and Egan wrote to the Government, branding foie gras a “cruel and unnecessary product”.

And today Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger backed the Mirror’s campaign to ban fur sales in the UK.

The Hollywood star has urged Boris Johnson not to “betray the animals”.

Kim, 68, called on the Prime Minister not to ditch the proposed ban on fur imports.

She said: “Please, Boris, listen to the British people. Please ensure the Animal Abroad Bill is in the Queen’s Speech next week.

“Be the voice of the majority of your people. Stop the cruelty and suffering in the name of vanity and greed.

“The UK has to stop buying from Finland, China and the US to stop the bloodbath. It is so antiquated. Until we stop exchanging blood between countries, the suffering won’t stop.”

The Batman star also urged the Prime Minister to consider how he would feel if his dog, Dilyn, was confined to a cage.

It’s said Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has also raised concerns about banning imports of black bear fur, used by military Guardsmen.

Last month, it was revealed that Mr Johnson had backed the use of real black bear fur to make ceremonial hats worn by the Queen’s Guard.

Animal rights campaign group PETA last year named Mr Johnson’s wife Carrie – a passionate campaigner for animal rights – their “person of the year.”

A government spokesperson told the BBC no final decision had been made on imports.

They said the government was “united in its commitment to upholding its world-leading standards in animal welfare”.

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Boris Johnson ‘dumps animal cruelty pledges’ from Queen’s Speech to please right-wingers – Mirror Online

Above – European Foie Gras Production, as supported by Boris Johnson, Rees Mogg and others who don’t give a toss.

England: Various News Issues.

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Animals Farmed: bird flu hits the US, superbugs in pigs and the sheep with an enormous fleece.
Welcome to our monthly roundup of the biggest issues in farming and food production, with must-read reports from around the web

News from around the world

Millions of birds have been culled in the US after outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza or “bird flu”. The outbreaks have led zoos to temporarily close aviary exhibits and move birds away from the public. As we have reported, vets and animal advocates have called for restrictions on “cruel” methods of culling birds using extreme heat and steam.

A giant leap in global food prices caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has helped three members of the super-rich Cargill family, who majority-own one of the world’s largest food companies, join the ranks of the world’s 500 richest people.

Scientists have uncovered evidence that dangerous versions of superbugs can spread from pigs to humans. The discovery, made in Denmark, underlines fears that intensive use of antibiotics on farms is leading to the spread of microbes resistant to them. The Clostridioides difficile superbug infects the human gut and is resistant to all but three antibiotics in use today.

An increase in the use of feedlots – as opposed to grass-fed production – in Brazilian beef production is being driven by China, according to reports. China buys about 50% of Brazil’s exported beef. Meanwhile, Uruguay’s beef production could hit record levels this year.
A merino sheep named Shrekapo who grew an enormous fleece while evading capture in New Zealand is now 18.6kg lighter after its first shave. Shrekapo was spotted hiding in the rocks, and was caught later that day, carrying nearly half its bodyweight in wool. The animal had probably been roaming the hills alone for the past three winters.

UK news

The UK’s free-range egg sector is on the brink of collapse because of sharply rising costs, the British Free Range Egg Producers Association has warned. In a recent poll, more than 70% of members said they would quit if price rises were not forthcoming.

Meanwhile, an estimated 10% of the UK’s pig breeding herd has gone, as the National Pig Association (NPA) warned of significant gaps between the costs and pig prices. British food producers warned that perishable goods were losing their value due to congestion around the port of Dover caused by disruption to ferry services and customs operations. Fresh meat has reportedly been stranded for one to two days and possibly longer due to the current problems.

One of the UK’s biggest food retailers has warned chicken could soon cost as much as beef as production costs soar. Steve Murrells, chief executive of the Co-op, said that feed costs had become a huge challenge for the poultry industry.

Welfare campaigners now fear the cost of living crisis could stall the campaign to phase out the faster-growing broiler breeds associated with higher mortality, lameness and muscle disease than slower-growing breeds.

A vet whistleblower has been awarded a £1.25m payout after losing her job at the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (Daera) when she raised concerns over meat traceability in Northern Ireland. She had also highlighted serious breaches of animal welfare legislation within the meat supply chain, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

The number of documented violations of legislation designed to reduce water pollution caused by agriculture in England has hit record levels as the rules remain largely unenforced. Last year had the highest number of recorded violations of the farming rules for water since the legislation was introduced in April 2018.

From the Animals Farmed series An H3N8 strain of bird flu has been detected in humans for the first time, in China’s central province of Henan. The four-year-old boy infected had been in contact with chickens and crows raised at his home, according to reports from China’s National Health Commission.

Northern Ireland will need to lose more than 1 million sheep and cattle to meet its new legally binding climate emissions targets. The large-scale reduction in farm animals comes after the passing of the ​​jurisdiction’s first ever climate act, requiring the farming sector to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
Organic dairy, for so long the sector’s success story, is facing a crisis of confidence, with fears about whether people will keep buying organic milk, butter and cheese as food prices soar. Some UK organic farmers are being paid a milk price that is lower than the price some of their non-organic competitors get.

A loophole in government regulations meant that chickens could still be called free-range even though they were no longer allowed outside because of repeated outbreaks of bird flu across the UK. The ban on birds being allowed outdoors was lifted at the beginning of May.

And in the US, Charlie Hope-D’Anieri and photographer Danny Wilcox Frazier have reported on how factory pig farms are hollowing out rural communities in the state of Iowa. The state is responsible for producing almost one-third of US hogs.

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