India: May 2022 Videos From The Wonderful ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Dear Mark,

India is experiencing an unusual and dangerous heat wave.

It’s 42 degrees Celsius (107° F) and it’s sweltering.

To keep the animals as cool as possible we have air coolers, tubs full of water for animals to lie in, fans and wet towels all around the shelter.

Our amazing staff are working harder than ever,despite the exhausting weather, to protect our animals from over-heating.

Working in Rajasthan’s climate extremes takes perseverance, creativity, material resources and ready helpers.

Thank you for giving us what it takes to make this season bearable, and as much as possible sweet for the animals.

Just-Wouldn’t-Quit Kenny!

When a veterinarian in a nearby government hospital called us to rescue a dog someone had dropped there after finding him unconscious on the road, we hurried to help.

And so lucky that we did, because this sweetheart didn’t have much longer to live.We rushed him back to Animal Aid where we gave him emergency treatment for shock, dehydration and difficulty breathing.

He seemed to have a broken jaw but otherwise no broken bones. With so much blood loss, we weren’t sure he would ever fully wake up. But within a few hours, his eyes brightened and ever so slowly he seemed to absorb the idea that he was in a new place, and that he would be safe here, beginning a second chance at life. This boy’s road to recovery included 2 months of daily therapy to learn to walk again, eat and regain his cognition.

Meet our awe-inspiring little hero, Kenny, today! For angels who just won’t give up,

please donate today

Magic is about to change your idea of The Possible

When we rescued this little love, we found the biggest wound on a small cat we’ve ever had the challenge to treat. During his first days, it was incredible that he would even eat. As the large and complicated wound closed, Magic’s mind-blowing recovery gave new life to the phrase “I can’t believe my eyes.”

Just click on ‘Watch on You Tube’ to see.

For medical treatment, plus the magic wand of love: Please donate today

Out with the pain and starvation, and in with an Ocean of love.

Maggots had made an enormous wound on his neck. His pain must have been so gripping that he couldn’t eat, and malnourishment had weakened him. His striking blue eyes were bright with pain and worry. We hurried him to Animal Aid and started his treatment immediately. We boosted him with a hydration drip and started a vigorous feeding schedule, delighted that he loved his food and gained strength rapidly.

With such a large wound, it took two months for him to heal, but long before his healing was complete this loving angel had made friends with every staff member in his area, and most of the dogs too! As he recovered, his amazing eyes revealed intelligence deep as the ocean. And that’s what we’ve called him.

Pain can turn into an ocean of love. Please donate today

Earth Day 2022, for Extraordinary Earthlings

Happy Earth Day 2022, to all the animals, people, forests, seas and all who live within them, may we be lucky enough to be happy.

And may all who are strong and happy extend ourselves in the service of those who are not. Earth Day 2022, for Extraordinary Earthlings

animalaid_india on Instagram: What a wonderful world we have! Let’s try our best to protect it and all of the wonderful beings within it! Happy Earth Day 🌎…

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Regards Mark, and ….

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim, and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

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