England: The Better Side of Metropolis.

London, a sprawling, busy Metropolis like many major cities of the world.

But ignore the busy streets, the bustling crowds, the chaotic tubeways, and take a look into the deeper, more natural abundance of wildlife which adorns and is a major, but often ignored aspect of daily city life.

Pauline has sent yet more super images of the nature of South London and Kent county – Kent – our home county.  See the male Robin feeding his female partner; see the urban fox always ready to pick up the leftovers of the vermin human race who cannot bother with litterbins; and see the hedgehogs; which I know are Pauline’s real love and a creature that she devotes a lot of her time to.  Don’t they look amazing and so healthy ?

Enjoy the other side of the busy metropolis; the one of nature and all the wonders that it brings.

Regards – Mark and Pauline.

Adult Starlings with their new Spring born youngsters – learning life on the wing.
A Dunnock.
Mr Vulpine the Fox.

One of my favourite birds – the beautiful Goldfinch.
A male Robin feeds its partner.


Shellduck with duckling.

Shellduck on the River Thames with youngsters.

A young Starling asks – where is dinner mum ?


Our home – Kent County; near to London but not that near:

Badger smile.

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