India: September 22 Rescue Videos From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Dear Mark,

Holly, Ray and Powder, 3 incredible animals featured below, are a testament of just how much your support does for street animals every day at Animal Aid.  Our rescue teams admit around 25 injured and ill animals each day and providing so many animals with the medical treatment and care they need is our greatest privilege. We couldn’t do it without you. We believe that wherever you are, you are a part of our rescue team. You’re one of our caregivers helping a weak dog eat their first meal in a long time. You’re one of our nurses giving life-saving treatment to an animal who had given up hope. When you virtually meet Holly, Ray and Powder today and read about their recoveries, we hope you can feel yourself a part of the magic.

Holly had suffered an unimaginable injury: a 3rd degree burn covering her entire shoulder and chest, up to her back. When we first examined her on the treatment table, we heart-brokenly considered whether with a wound so large euthanasia would be the kindest option. But taking into account her otherwise good body condition, and an intense sparkle in her beautiful eyes, we decided to try to heal her. Despite pain we can only imagine, a quiet love radiated from her, touching everyone around her.

Each day, we cleaned and covered the wound. Healing began within just a few days, but the final closure of this terrible wound took months. 

Because of you, an injured animal can survive. Please donate today

Babies are so fragile, and this little sweetheart’s wound was deep, and in a very risky location at his throat. For several days he couldn’t stand, needed help even to eat, and swallowing was difficult. But gradually, we saw something brightening in his little button eyes.

He still couldn’t walk without wobbles; he was sleeping most of the time, and the wound itself was still very painful. But yes, there was life and joy awakening inside him. He showed us a ray of hope, and that’s what we called him as he got stronger and stronger. Meet Ray now!

A ray of hope. Hold onto it, even if it’s small : Please donate today

This desperate boy was covered in mange scabs, and pain covered every inch of his body. Kind passers-by were able to catch and hold him in their car while waiting for our rescue team to arrive. We were so grateful for their profoundly compassionate help because dogs with this level of severe mange usually stay on the run and are very difficult to catch. 

He was incredibly gentle and hardly moved a muscle while we administered pain medicine, antibiotics, and began his life-saving treatment. Although he didn’t love his first medicated bath, he must have felt so much relief to rest with a full belly after eating a big meal. Day by day, his crusty skin healed, and a beautiful soft powder-white angel began to emerge from what had been pure wreckage. Meet sweet Powder now!

Help save someone precious : Please donate today

Spencer Duru, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when he was just 22, has raised a whopping $5000 for Animal Aid Unlimited in a 42 km charity walk in August. 

He along with 23 friends completed the walk at his home in Manchester (England UK).

Quoting this wonderful guy: “The thought that if this walk and fundraising could alleviate just the suffering of even one animal, it makes my MS disappear :)”  Spencer, for the hundreds of animals whose lives you have touched, comforted, and saved by this donation, we thank you for your courage, strength, and love.

Go shopping for AAU here:

Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

We thank you deeply for all you do, are, and inspire for animals.

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim,

and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

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