England: Pondering.

Hi all;

sorry there has been nothing recently but have had to undertake a very major computer system re vamp.

Also, what with the legal wrangle recently with the media I am seriously having to think now about the future of this site and where it is going,

WAV is a voluntary un paid information site; which has no membership or asks for any kind of membership fee – everything is provided free at no cost to anyone apart from myself who has to financially undertake anything necessary to keep the site going.

But with the legal threats recently for all information that we DO give a direct link to (of original source); I feel like I am being pushed into a no win corner.

So now, I am pondering this week over the issue of closing the site down for good; the legal people seem to have only one simple interest, and that is getting money any which way they can regardless.

Now I am being asked to pay for each article that I even link to by the press; and this makes things way too expensive and my time input very large. Simply, WAV is being closed down to a point by those only really interested I making money; which goes against everything I personally stand for.

So, this why you see nothing new at the moment – it is big ‘ponder’ time; I am really thinking at the moment about where the future path leads.

I will get back to you soon, but regardless, even if it stays, WAV will be changing the way it provides information. It is sad as I hoped this would be a trouble free ‘free’ service, but others have made sure that cannot happen.

Will be in touch soon;
Regards Mark

One thought on “England: Pondering.”

  1. Mark, I believe you are being misled. While you might not be able to post entire articles, you most certainly can post any link you like without paying for it. You can also summarize in your own words the gist of an article.

    It’s very admirable that you provide this service, especially considering that you are doing it as an unpaid volunteer. I hope you will continue it. Thank you very much for all of your advocacy and activism for animals.


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