England: 3/12/22.

I want to start by thanking Mary F. for her kind words of support and advice.

Based around this advice, I am going to try and continue for a while, but using a different approach to how info is presented.

There will be a headline as always; but after this the content of the post will be greatly reduced to a few short lines on the issue in question, followed by a link (or links) relating to this – the link(s) taking you back to the original article(s) which hopefully you will be able to read in full.

Over the last few months I have lost track with a few issues which have always been important to me – South Korean dog meat farms for example. I will now attempt to get back to these and pos

Also, for me personally it has been a bit difficult over the last few months. Some of you may know, some not, but I have endured Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the last 23 years since being involved with the issues of the Balkans wars.


My vegan diet has been a major factor in allowing me to continue in so many ways every day; plant based is the way to go for healthy living and (for me) getting those massive energy boosts.

Yes, I would love a cure to be found, but only through decent research which DOES NOT exploit animals. Animals do not get MS for example, so why use them to create it artificially in some feeblee attempt to then find a cure ? – there is no sense, but there are many financial incentives to keep on playing the same old record – despite my condition, I have always, and never will ever support the use of animals in any medical research; animals react differently to humans in so many ways, and they are not good ‘tools’ to attempt to find cures for human medical conditions. For me, the only good research is that undertaken which does not involve the use of animals – cellular modelling, computational biology and computational biomodelling etc.

Here are a few organisations doing this in UK for example:

Dr Hadwen Trust becomes Animal Free Research – Animal Free Research UK

Our research – Animal Free Research UK

Current projects – Animal Free Research UK

Who We Are | FRAME

Current projects – Animal Free Research UK

So, a different approach now to how things are presented; and hopefully getting back to some issues that have not been covered for a while. Things will happen only when they happen – please stick with me on this and do not expect daily wonders !

I am trying, and if it involves the wellbeing of animals, then I always will.

Cheers – Mark

Above 2 of my best buddies !

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