India: December 2022 News From Animal Aid Unlimited.

Dear Mark,     

Because of you, so many animals get to shine bright. Thank you for your kindness, which has reached many hearts here in Animal Aid.

Your generosity over the past year has enabled us to help more animals than ever before, and to serve them better every day. Your help has meant more soft glossy fur, more twinkling eyes, more soft muzzles and more silly playfulness

Cherub wanted to heal fastin order to start kissing!

This little girl had been hit by a vehicle and had blood coming from her nose. A kind passer-by saw her injury and called us to the rescue. She cried out as we gently lifted her into our carry-basket, but she was too hurt and confused to struggle. As we examined her mouth, nose, and badly sprained leg, she kept perfectly still and her eyes were worried with doubt.

But what a resilient brave-heart she proved to be! After pain medicine, supportive bandages and plenty of cuddles, her tail gave a tiny wag, and we knew we had a life-loving spirit on our hands. Meet Cherub now!

Help someone give kisses again: Please donate today

A simple procedure brought huge relief for Saaya.

This frightened young lady was in tremendous pain from an abscess around her neck causing so much swelling she could barely turn her head. An abscess is a build up of pus formed under the skin, usually from a bacterial infection. In her case, we suspect she’d suffered a puncture wound, and the abscess formed to fight the infection from the puncture. Left untreated, an abscess can cause sepsis and even lead to death, so it was vital that she receive treatment right away.

We treated her with antibiotics, painkillers, and gave her sedation to painlessly drain the abscess. As soon as Saaya woke up from the sedation she was already feeling so much better, and within just a day she looked like another dog, and a gorgeous one!

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Need to give a last-minute gift?

Sponsor a sweetheart!

We often hear from people who have sponsored an animal that they feel their sponsored sweetheart is connected to them, no matter the distance.   Animals in permanent sanctuary at Animal Aid often came to us with a heartbreaking past, whether because of abandonment, or injuries so severe that they needed life-long care and protection. Sponsoring one of our many sanctuary darlings means giving the gift of not only rescue and medical care, but a life-time of love.    Take a look at these beauties–each with unique needs, a painful past and a beautiful life in Animal Aid’s permanent sanctuary, with you helping watch over him or her.

This little shop saves very important lives.

100% of the proceeds go to our street animal rescues.

We thank you deeply for all you do, are, and inspire for animals.

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim, and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

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