England: Best Regards and Hopes For An Excellent 2023 Of Exposing the Sufferings.

I never really ‘enjoy’ Christmas that much; although as a ‘Christian’, I probably should celebrate more.

The mass murder of animals every day in slaughterhouses around the world is terrible enough, let alone ‘celebrating’ more over yuletide by stuffing fat faces with the unnecessary deaths of sentient beings.

For me, Christmas is a time of even more sadness really.  Yes, a few presents are given to loved ones – as giving is what it is about really.  The sadness is always there when (as an activist who over many years has ‘seen’ quite a bit on issues); when I think about the mass, unnecessary slaughter that takes place especially in this season (of goodwill ?) so that people can have a ‘good time’ munching on murder.  What is good about the captive bolt and the bleeding out of gentle animals who have never done anything against the human race but are now murdered as extras to be placed on the family Christmas table ?

Also, why are, like the animals, little children in the Ukraine having to endure this festive season without ever really being a kiddie and enjoying the suprises that should await them when they wake up on Christmas morning, in warm houses with windows, electricity and running water ? – what have they done in their short lives to be picked on and targeted by this senseless madman from across their border.  Innocent children being picked on by persons who feel they are and must retain being top dog, top of the tree – for me, there are a lot of similarities to the abuses of some humans to the abuses endured by farm / meat animals – think about it – top of the tree and all that.

The innocent people of the Ukraine; The people of Tibet being eradicated by China – Free Tibet – Our vision is a free Tibet in which Tibetans are able to determine their own future and the human rights of all are respected.,  the list just goes on and on; the suffering of all sentients seems to go on and on !

Now we hardly give presents to each other; instead we like to give financial donations to charity to help their campaigns / causes instead; to help free bears from bile farms – Home (animalsasia.org), to help the rescue and welfare of animals in India from our wonderful friends at AAU – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/?s=animal+aid+unlimited , to fight live transport, hunting, in vivisection, etc , etc.  The list just goes on.

This year especially I think about the people of the Ukraine; innocents caught up in the crossfire of a neighbouring psycho madman.  I hope you will think about them and others this festive season, when things are supposed to be good ?

Take stand and make it suffering free;

I wish all activists best wishes for what they do – keep it up and have a very successful and productive 2023 with all your campaigning. For the animals;

Regards Mark

A farm investigation has revealed dead turkeys hanging by the feet, inside a slaughterhouse at night. In November investigators with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) entered a turkey slaughterhouse in the UK. They were not expecting what they found –

“We were extremely shocked to see a number of dead turkeys hanging by their feet in the middle of the night, it was as though they had stopped ‘processing’ these birds mid way through and gone home for the night.” Said one of the investigators. “We were just expecting to enter a shed full of turkeys waiting for their death but we found an on site slaughterhouse. I saw a door going into another room and I peered through, revealing the horrific sight of around 6 dead turkeys hanging by their feet almost fully de-feathered.

Blood was dripping out of their mouths and eyes.” “Nothing can prepare you to witness the blatant disregard of life inside of a slaughterhouse. These turkeys had personalities, family, friends and a subjective experience of life; but here they are treated as a mere object to make profit from. The beings we saw and photographed are the beings who may be on your table this Christmas.

We urge everyone to make the connection to the individual, and understand what they went through before their mutilated body lays on your table. Celebrations that rely on the traditions surrounding the murder of sentient individuals needs to be history.”

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