England: Keep On Keeping On For ALL Animals In 2023.

This is one of my favourite U2 tracks – and it is always the first to be played by me on new years day – this has now become a kind of tradition.  Enjoy:

I want to wish all fellow activists and campaigners a wonderful 2023 in their continued fight for better welfare and the rights of animals.   You can see some very positive progress on several issues in the last few posts. 

The campaigns can, and will, get stronger every day.  If you saw progress in 22, then wait to see what wonders happen in 2023.

Keep up the fight to gain the victories you all deserve;

Best wishes and all the best for 2023.

Harp Seal â•fi sub order: Pinnipedia (wordpress.com)

Sometimes you have to step off the path a bit !

As you can read in the link (Part 2) below, things got a little edgy to start with – especially when the Belgian police took out their guns and threatened us – but after some discussions all settled down and we carried on.

russian-seals-part-2-marks-campaign-stories.doc (live.com)

Cut to Charing Cross station sometime around Easter 1997. – I had made the relatively short journey up to London from my home in North Kent, to the place where everybody on the campaign that day had planned to meet, which was just outside the entrance to Downing Street. Once off the train, I shot down into the underground toilets at Charing Cross station, where I changed from my travelling clothes into those of this ‘Russian seal hunter’.

London – home of the Brash, Outrageous, and Free !

I must admit, the walk from the station through Trafalgar Square and up the Mall to Downing Street did get me a few glances from all sorts of people going about their business in the city.

The fact that I was carrying two life-size whitecoat seal pups splattered in blood and wrapped in transparent plastic bags, plus a large baseball bat sort of added to my ‘interest appeal’ I suppose you can call it ‘interest or attention grabbing’ on that walk. But what the hell, I was there to get attention for the campaign to stop Russian seal pups being butchered, so what did it matter
what I personally looked like walking the streets of London ?; After all, there are probably many people who walk around the city dressed in similar kind of garb every day.

But who cares ? – I did not.

See Downing St. photo below.

Regards Mark

Looking Back – Crating the British Prime Minister Instead of the Calves.

Fighting to Stop the Russian Seal Pup Slaughter – Downing Street London. By the way, we won, it was stopped !

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